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Hello Everyone,


I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather we are having!   We are so excited in my house today, as I spotted a little Jenny Wren who kept disappearing into our bird box!   Upon closer inspection the most intricate nest is appearing in the hole - fingers crossed she stays and lays her eggs there...


Anyway, some of you may have seen this 'book' about the Corona Virus, but if any of you have not yet seen it, it explains things really well for children - perhaps more for Key Stage 2 children, although with parents and carers on hand to explain, it would be fine to read together at any age. 


Take care everyone.



Hello Everyone,

Hope you are keeping safe and well.  It's cold out there today (Wednesday 1st April), but even us April Fools need to get some fresh air!


The new Speech Link company that Bucks SALT are now affiliated with, have launched a Parent Portal - a bit ahead of schedule.   For anyone who's child has additional help in this area, and for those who just like exploring Speech and Language activities, there's plenty to try. 


Here is the link: 


Have fun chatting!


In addition there are some Apps which Speech Link are recommending for use at home with children, please see photo below for more detail.



"To support your children's speech, language and communication needs, we have fast tracked the launch of our new Parent Portal to help with this. The site will be live from Friday 20th March and will provide parents with FREE speech and language advice, resources and activities.  
We are very happy for you to add the link to this site to your school website and of course to direct parents to the site so they can be reassured that the support for their children, who have SLCN, doesn't have to stop once their school closes.
Picture 1 Recommended Speech Apps

Hello Everybody,


Our Emotional and Well Being is always important,  but with the situation we are facing, it is probably even more important we maintain a positive balance.  I have come across this pack of activities to encourage talking about the difficult circumstances we are all facing.   It is probably more directed at children within Key Stage 2, but some of the discussion points and activities can be simplified for younger children and /or talked about as a family. 


I hope you find it useful. 

Mrs Andrews



Dear Parents,


Here are some links to extra resources you may wish to access whilst school remains closed:


  • On the Bucks Occupational Therapy page are links to the Primary Resource pack, which contains a wealth of ideas for helping develop children's gross and fine motor skills:  
  • There are a number of Touch Typing programs around, including the BBC Dance Mat program;   however, several of our children in school regularly use , which they could continue to use and access at home.
  • There are many exercises on the Bucks OT website for warming up fingers and fine motor muscles.  The children at the Akeley site are all very used to accessing Dough Disco on YouTube; they love joining in with the energetic lady to warm up their hands before any activities in class - evidence shows that warming up these fine motor muscles helps everyone sustain writing for up to 20 minutes longer - just like we would warm up before a football match.  Here is a link:
  • If you wish to practise the spelling and reading of High Frequency words, there is a free, multisensory programme, called SNIP, which is a pack of structured lessons, which can be downloaded in a PDF format:
  • Several of our children use Plus 1 or Power of 2 programmes for over-learning of key building blocks in Maths.   If your child normally takes part in this at school and you wish to continue using it at home, please contact the school office at Chackmore and we can arrange for you to come and collect it.
  • Likewise if your child is working through any of the spelling and reading programmes - Word Wasp, Hornet or Toe by Toe and you wish to continue these at home, please contact us in the same way. 

Welcome to our information on the support we provide for children with SEND.


Please find attached our school policy, which is reviewed annually.


You may also wish to refer to our handy leaflet for parents, all about the provision for children with SENd, within our school. 


Further information on the services for providing support for children with SEND can be found on the following Local Offer website:


Bucks have now also added information on their Graduated Approach to the delivery of SEND; please follow the link for additional information:


In addition, the services provided by Speech, Language and Communication team, SALT, can be viewed at the following website:  

This website provides a wealth of information, resources and activities.


Here is a link to the Occupational Heath team's website, which also provides a wealth of information for parents and professionals:


We have very strong links and regular communication with both of these external agencies in particular, so please do take the time to view their resources. 


Kind regards

Sally Andrews

SEN Leaflet for Parents 2019-20

Updated Annual Policy for the delivery of SENd Provision 2019-20

SEND Annual Report 2018-19