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"Fantastic school. We love walking to school. I love hearing the positives at school pick up. Chackmore school have fabulous activities all the time and this is brilliant. All teachers are engaged with the children and key point have the time for children which I love about Chackmore village school. Teachers are all amazing so thank you to you all. Truly is a remarkable school."


I just wanted to send an email to say how lovely the carols on the playground were this afternoon.
It was lovely to see the children really enjoying the Christmas songs all with smiley faces. And weren’t the choir awesome!
Thank you for organising such a lovely Christmas event.

"I just wanted to say thank you for providing Sebi such a lovely place to learn. He loves going into school and I can’t be happier to see that."

Reflections on Volunteering at St James and St John Church of England Primary School

"Thank you to all the staff and the Sports4All team for a brilliant afternoon on Friday - Sports Day. Their hard work, espeically in the heat, didn't go unnoticed and the children had such a super few hours." Mr and Mrs A

"My son joined St James & St John in Year 3, coming from a local village school. He settled in very well and is thoroughly enjoying all aspects of the school. From being able to play football at breaks, learn the piano, being stretched in mathematics and thoroughly enjoyed the recent science week and taking part in experiments at Stowe school in their science centre. He is looking forward to the trip to Stowe garden to learn further about the Roman & Greek gods. He enjoys all the mental and physical stimulus the school provides and the engaging teachers. 
He has gained more confidence in new situations and enjoys mixing with the other year groups in sport, on trips and at the after school cabin club. I particularly feel that my son is in a caring environment where he is well looked after whilst being able to grow up and become more independent, and the school is small enough and knows each child individually, so whilst school rules apply they also know how to best manage each child individually. 
There is also a lovely active PTFA raising money for the school and my son thoroughly enjoyed the skate boarding morning paid for by the PTFA."  Mrs C.

Backpack, Books and Supplies



"Our daughter started in reception a little nervous about the unknown but with the help of the lovely, caring staff at St James & St John, she soon settled and loves going to school.  She has grown in confidence and looks forward to going.  She loves the Forest School and knows all of the teacher's names and they all know her.

We would highly recommend the school."  Mrs G.



Backpack, Books and Supplies


"After my daughter joined the school last year we have decided to move my son too. The school staff has make us feel all very welcome and now my children are very happy and the teachers are excellent. We are very pleased with everything! " Mrs W.



Backpack, Books and Supplies


"Since arriving at St. James and St. John mid-way through the year, our son has thrived with the effusive welcome extended by the school.  In what seemed just days, he had been folded into the community seamlessly, and displays an excitement for school that we had never seen.  His reading has strengthened considerably, keeping pace with a newfound excitement for mathematics.  Endless thanks go to school for creating such a nurturing environment that lets the students discover their own skills at their own pace."  Mr S.