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Ofsted and Performance

28th & 29th September 2022

I am pleased to announce that our recent Section 8 Ofsted inspection at St James and St John Church of England Primary School has now been published, with the conclusion that our school continues to be a ‘Good’ School.

The process was very thorough and rigorous. I am delighted that the caring, nurturing element of the St James and St John school community has been recognised.

“Every day, pupils walk excitedly into their welcoming school. They greet each other with a warm smile and a kind wave.”

“Pupils take delight in their roles and responsibilities such as eco-warriors, school council members, charity reps and being part of the worship council.”

“Leaders nurture pupils’ love of reading.”

“Pupils are encouraged to care for others.”

“Leaders make sure pupils are safe and know how to stay safe in the local community.”

Since I joined the school I have implemented many necessary changes to improve the education that we provide for your children. Although many of these are in their infancy, I have great faith in the “rejuvenated, valued and motivated” staff team that these will be fully developed when Ofsted return for a Section 5 (graded) inspection within 12-18 months.

“The newly appointed headteacher is working resolutely to make the necessary improvements to the quality of education. Rightly, she has brought much-needed rigour and has prioritised the areas that need to improve swiftly.”

As always, myself and the Governors very much welcome your input and views, so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do get in touch via email to or if you would prefer to talk contact the office to make an appointment 01280 860272 / 812291.

Thank you for your ongoing support during our improvement journey.


Ofsted 2017 Letter