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School Governors form the largest volunteer force in the country and their contribution to schools is invaluable.
They have a vital role to play by bringing their experiences to the role in order to help to raise standards and to ensure that every child in the school reaches their full potential.

Governors, together with the Headteacher, set the future direction for the school and decide, collectively, how the school's budget should be spent. The Governors work includes monitoring the impact of policies, overseeing the use of the school's budget, responding to inspection recommendations and they are accountable for the standards in the school. Governors provide the Headteacher with support and advice, drawing on their knowledge and experience.  They also undertake training that contributes to their role as governors of the school.








First Appointed

Term Start

Term End


Staff governors


















Co-opted governors






Mrs Joanna Coxall


26 Jun 2015

08 Jul 2019

07 Jul 2023


Dr Michael Mortimer


25 Jun 2015

08 Jul 2019

07 Jul 2023




















Parent governors






Mr Mike Faiers


09 Jul 2019

09 Jul 2019

08 Jul 2023


Helen Wallace


01 Dec 2020

01 Dec 2020

30 Nov 2024


Jo Arnold

 09 Jul 2021

 09 Jul 2021

 08 Jul 2025


Vacancy (2)












Local Authority Governors






Mrs Pearl Slater


 21 Nov 2016

17 March 2021

16 March 2025














Mrs Louise Woods












Foundation Diocesan Board of Education Appointed






Mr John Hockley



03 Dec 2014

02 Dec 2022


Mrs Alexandra Kamm


23 Oct 2019

23 Oct 2019

22 Oct 2023