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Welcome to our Governors' section.


School Governors form the largest volunteer force in the country and their contribution to schools is invaluable.


They have a vital role to play by bringing their experiences to the role in order to help to raise standards and to ensure that every child in the school flourish and prosper. School governing bodies are a combination of appointed, elected and co-opted governors.

Governors, together with the Headteacher, set the future direction for the school and decide, collectively, how the school's budget should be spent. The Governors work includes monitoring the impact of policies, overseeing the use of the school's budget, responding to inspection recommendations and they are accountable for the standards in the school. Governors provide the Headteacher with support and advice, drawing on their knowledge and experience.  They also undertake training that contributes to their role as governors of the school.


The structure of the Governing body at St James and St John Church of England Primary School is as follows:


Chair of Governors: Joanna Coxall

Vice Chair: Pearl Slater

Local Authority Governor: Pearl Slater

Foundation Governors: John Hockley, Alexandra Kamm

Co-opted Governors: Joanna Coxall, Michael Mortimer, James Peppiatt, Lucianne Guntner

Parent Governors:  Carol-Anne Carroll, Helen Wallace

Staff Governor: Charlotte Claridge

Headteacher: Louise Woods


Curriculum Committee

Pearl Slater (Chair)

Joanna Coxall 

Michael Mortimer

Carol-Anne Carroll

James Peppiatt

Louise Woods


Finance, Pay and Personnel Committee

John Hockley (Chair)

Joanna Coxall

Michael Mortimer

Louise Woods

Ruth Newell (Clerk)


Foundation Committee

Alexandra Kamm (Chair)

Joanna Coxall

John Hockley

Helen Wallace

Louise Woods


Premises, Health and Safety

John Hockley (Chair)

Joanna Coxall

Helen Wallace

Alexandra Kamm

Louise Woods




The Governing Body Responsibiliites


The Governing body of St James and St John Church of England Primary School has responsibility to uphold the aims and direction of the school and is accountable to the Diocese of Oxford and the Local Authority for the way the school is run.


 The Governing Body;

  • Is involved in strategic planning discussions
  • Agrees the school improvement plan
  • Approves and ratifies policies 
  • Sets financial priorities
  • Approves and monitors the annual budget 
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of spending decisions 
  • Has formal responsibility for making sure pupil premium information is published online 
  • Ensure local authority financial regulations are implemented 
  • Implement sound internal financial controls 
  • Check funds allocated to the school match up with pupil numbers 
  • Agrees curriculum policy and the curriculum
  • Considers any disapplication for pupil(s)
  • Monitors teaching standards
  • Approves the SEN information report
  • Provides clear strategic direction and guidance to the headteacher on which they can base the behaviour policy
  • Approves the written statement of behaviour principles
  • Considers parents’ representations about an exclusion through a governors' exclusion panel
  • Can advise that the headteacher reinstates a pupil
  • Approves the staffing plan
  • Approves what proportion of the overall budget should be spent on staff 
  • Deals with disciplinary/grievance issues at the panel stage
  • Approves discipline, conduct and grievance procedures
  • Carries out headteacher appraisal
  • Ratifies the appraisal policy
  • Makes sure staff receive a regular appraisal of their performance 
  • Has formal responsibility for managing appointments, but normally delegates this to the headteacher
  • Appoints the headteacher
  • Ratifies the pay policy
  • Approves teachers’ salaries, including recommendations for awarding performance-related pay in line with the school’s pay policy
  • Approves a lettings policy (if applicable)
  • Makes sure emergency procedures are in place


The Governing Body acts as a link between the local community and the school, listening to parents and the Local Authority – deciding upon any necessary action.


No governor has any individual power or authority, except the Chairperson/Vice Chairperson in certain specified circumstances. Governors work together to make decisions concerning the life and ethos of the school.


The full governing body meets at least once per term in formally clerked meetings. Smaller committees/working groups also exist in order for issues to be looked at with more time, care and attention. At St James and St John Church of England Primary School we have the following:

Curriculum Committee

Finance, Personnel and Pay Committee

Premises, Health and Safety Committee

Foundation Committee


There are also Statutory Committees which meet when required such as Pupil Discipline.


School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is produced annually by the Headteacher, Staff and Governors. The Governors oversee the process, led by the Headteacher. We look ahead in a planning process to prioritise projects and focus areas for the following year. The plan helps us monitor school development and the process is reviewed and evaluated at the termly governing body meetings.


Effective and Efficient Use of Resources

The Headteacher and Governors will strive to maintain a continuum of provision of resources, including staff, to meet the educational needs of the children and support the aims of the school. They will keep under review how that continuum of provision is resourced in order to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the deployment of resources. Efficiency will be measured in terms of value for money and effectiveness in terms of positive outcomes for pupils.

School resources receive a welcome boost from our active PTFA, who involve themselves tirelessly not only in running fundraising events but also social occasions. Governors support PTFA activities.


To contact the Governing body, please do so via the school office

Tel: 01280 812291 /860272

Or in writing: FAO Governors, St James and St John Church of England Primary School, Main Street, Chackmore, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5JE

FAO Governors, St James and St John Church of England Primary School, Church Street, Akeley, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5HP

Governor Visits Policy

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