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School Council Minutes from Meeting 12th May 2021

Suggestions from School Council


Ramona in Year 3 has suggested the following brilliant ideas for us to discuss:


  • Christmas clothes so we wear Christmas jumpers for a day
  • Competitions to earn dojo points like a colouring competition or a cake competition
  • Bring in a Christmas toy or present to give to poor people
  • A big school sleepover to raise money for charity

      Brilliant ideas Ramona - well done!smiley


Clara in Year 6 has suggested the following great ideas:

  • A Tuck Shop which we are hoping to get up and running next year with Charity Representatives!
  • Hot dinners to be on offer again - Mrs Wrigley is going to arrange this after Christmas
  • Introduce new clubs that can be run by pupils. Last year School Council introduced Wildlife Club and ICT Club and we hope to start these again in Spring
    Well done Clara – these are fantastic suggestions!smiley

Our fabulous KS2 School Council is led by Mrs Heald and together they act as the voice of our pupils.


They work together with their class group to let us know which issues are most important to the pupils and how we can improve our lovely little school.  The school council enjoy meeting together to discuss hot topics and feedback information from their class groups. They also enjoy helping us choose new equipment and plan events.  They all do a great job of keeping us up to date!


Welcome to our new School Councillors 2020-2021


Our fabulous School Councillors are:



Clara W - Year 6

Oliver K - Year 6

Poppy H - Year 5

Caspar W-S - Year 5

Ellsie T - Year 4

Jensen A - Year 4

Ramona A - Year 3

Angus C - Year 3


If you have any ideas or suggestions, please see your class School Council representative.

They will be very happy to bring any ideas to our next meeting.

Thank you,

School Council and Mrs Heald

School Council Meetings 2020-2021