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School Council Presentation 13th February 2019

Our fabulous School Council is led by Mrs Heald and together they act as the voice of our pupils.


They work together with their class group to let us know which issues are most important to the pupils and how we can improve our lovely little school.  The school council enjoy meeting together to discuss hot topics and feedback information from their class groups. They also enjoy helping us choose new equipment and plan events.  They all do a great job of keeping us up to date!


Our School Councillors are:


Mrs Heald

Georgia K - Year 6

Leo T - Year 6

Saffi B - Year 5

Charlie S-W - Year 5

Rosie T - Year 4

Ben T - Year 4

Gwen B - Year 3

Albert W - Year 3

Maisie F - Year 2

William C - Year 2

Sophia S - Year 1

Zac P - Year 1


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