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Here's a lovely idea I received from Evalina this morning - Friday 27th March
Hi Mrs Heald,
I have an idea for the Tuck Shop. My idea is that maybe we could ask the Teachers to bake/make something that we can sell. 
I have been doing daily cycle rides with either Mummy or Daddy, I’m enjoying them! I’ve been doing my School work too and my favourite is Maths and Fractions. I’m also getting very good at Yahtzee (beating Mummy and Daddy 😀).
We are waiting for more games and creative things to be delivered so I can’t wait. 
Today I’m going to do a rainbow 🌈  for our window.
Keep well 
Lots of love

Dear Lovely School Councillors,

I am missing you all already!!

Whilst we are not able to get together in school, I thought it would be great, if you have time at home, to jot down any ideas you might have for fabulous things we can do when we are all back together again.

As you know, we are working towards starting a Tuck Shop which we will be running with Charity Reps.

If you have any ideas about the Tuck Shop or any other fantastic ideas, just jot them down and we can have a chat about them at our next meeting, or you could email the office - to let me know your ideas. I would also love to hear about what you have been getting up to at home.

I will post any ideas here, on our School Council website page.

Looking forward to hearing your fabulous suggestions!!

Mrs Heald xxx

Minutes from meeting Wednesday, 12th February 2020

I am so proud of our fabulous School Council.

On Monday, 3rd February, they introduced the new ICT Club at Chackmore and did an amazing job of running this new club which was so well received by all pupils. It is proving to be a very popular club so the aim is to give as many pupils as possible, a chance to attend.

On Tuesday, 4th February, they introduced a new 'Keep Chackmore Tidy' campaign or 'Tidy Tuesday' as it is known, thanks to India's great suggestion!

Everyone helped to litter pick at lunchtime and have a general tidy up. Jasper McK was so good at the litter picking, he was awarded our first School Council Special Award.

Wildlife Club will run today, Wednesday, 5th February at lunchtime. It's a lovely sunny day so I am sure everyone will thoroughly enjoy it.

Congratulations School Council - you are doing an amazing job!!!

Charlotte Heald

Our fabulous KS2 School Council is led by Mrs Heald and together they act as the voice of our pupils.


They work together with their class group to let us know which issues are most important to the pupils and how we can improve our lovely little school.  The school council enjoy meeting together to discuss hot topics and feedback information from their class groups. They also enjoy helping us choose new equipment and plan events.  They all do a great job of keeping us up to date!


Welcome to our new School Councillors 2019-20!!


Our School Councillors are:


Mrs Heald

Leah L - Year 6

Tommy S - Year 6

Evalina C - Year 5

Benjamin B - Year 5

India V - Year 4

Nathan C - Year 4

Seren L - Year 3

Sam W - Year 3


School Council have been working on some new ideas. Today, 29th January, we did a fantastic presentation to the whole school in assembly. We let everyone know about our new ICT Club which is starting on Monday, 3rd February and will run every Monday 12.45 - 1.15pm, in the Year 6 classroom. The club will be limited to  6 pupils at any one time and there is a list to sign up if pupils want to do this club. It is already proving very popular!!

School Council will also be running Wildlife Club on a Wednesday lunchtime. Again, this club will run from 12.45 - 1.15pm. Pupils will be able to look for wildlife and record their findings, using binoculars kindly provided by PTFA. There are some wildlife spotter sheets for pupils to use or they can just search and see what they find. This club is starting today, Wednesday, 29th January.

School Council also introduced a new initiative today - Keep Chackmore Tidy Campaign. Every Tuesday,'Tidy Tuesday', pupils will take time at lunchtime to see if there are areas of school that need tidying. Special awards will be given to any pupils who take time to help with particularly untidy areas.

As you can see, School Council have been very busy!!

If you would like to view our  presentation, just click on the link below.

Thank you!

Today, 25th September, we had our first School Council meeting. Here are some of the ideas we discussed:


  • New footballs and football pitch markings
  • A tuck shop on Fridays at the end of half-term run by School Council in conjunction with Charity Reps with proceeds for school and charities
  • Environment project to raise awareness of environment issues around school, such as litter picking, planting trees and new recycling bins
  • Games Club
  • Art Club
  • ICT Club to be run by ICT lead learners

Our next meeting will be November 18th at 12.45pm in the cabin

In the meantime, why not have a look at the presentation we made in assembly on 23rd October.


School Council Presentation in Assembly 23rd October 2019

School Council Meetings 2019-2020

School Council Presentation in Assembly 29th January 2020