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Year 3

Dear year 3,

My last note to you all!

You have been a super class and I wish you and your families a happy holiday!

See you soon!

Mrs Sheldonno

WOW year 3!

What a fantastic sports day! I was so proud of all your achievements and thank you too to the parents for your support.

As we enter our final week as year 3, let's take time to enjoy ourselves!

See you Tuesday

Mrs Sheldon

PS There really has been no spellings or homework mums and dads!

Dear Year 3,

Thank you to all the parents who came to visit us on Thursday! I hope you enjoyed seeing all our hard work!

As the year draws to a close, I would like to thank you all for your support . It is always sad to say good-bye to a class, but we have had a good year and they are all ready for the next challenge!

In the meantime, spellings will be done on Monday and our focus for the times tables is testing our knowledge through division. We will look at the x3, x4 and x 8!

Have a great weekend and maybe see some of you at the fair.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 3,

Well that was a messy, gluey session we had making our death masks! A big congratulations to you all for being so sensible with all that glue! The outcome was great! We can look forward to painting them next week, following your super designs you did at home.


There will be a spellings test on Monday and the times tables we will look at will be the  x4 and x12.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Sheldonindecision

Dear year 3,

That was a really successful trip to Stowe today! Well done on you amazing behaviour, which was commented on by several people at Stowe!

Do take time to tell your parents about some of the great things we did! There was certainly not a minute wasted!

Have a good weekend and if you could bring your homework in on Monday, I'll let you off for today as we didn't have a normal day!

Have a good weekend


Mrs Sheldon


Dear Year 3,

Can I say how impressed I was at all your super research homework? I learnt such a lot as I read through your amazing facts! Well done.

No homework now until Wednesday but apologies that we have not done the spelling test, due to the fact that I was in and not Mrs Pedder this Monday! However, please learn your most recent spellings for a test on Monday. Also, we will have a test on the x3 and x8 tables, so learn those!

Remember it is our trip to Stowe next Friday, so anyone who has not sent back their form and money, please do so on Monday! Thank you.

Have a sunny weekend!

Mrs Sheldon


PS Your work on the Nile was also fabulous! Mrs Moss can't wait to see it!

Dear Year 3,

Well that was an extra-ordinary week! We seemed to have a different time every day! Very appropriate after our maths lesson!

The drama day was a big success and I was thrilled to see how much you all enjoyed the activities! I learned a lot about the different explorers and it made me want to know more! That's why I thought you clever lot could do some research for your homework and we could explore more!


Back to the usual next week. Your times tables will be the 2's, 3's and 6's. Our topic in Maths is looking again at fractions and fraction families!

Hence the times tables......


Have a great weekend and I will be in on Monday!


Mrs Sheldonsurprise

Dear year 3,

Yippee! half-term has arrived after a lot of hard work! I hope you all have a very enjoyable time!

Don't forget your English homework, either on re-arranging sentences or on the frog life-cycle, in for the Tuesday we return! Keep learning your spellings and the x10 and x11 tables!


If you can bring in newspaper or kitchen roll tubes that would be great1

Happy holidays!


Mrs Sheldonno

Dear Year 3,

My word we have worked so hard on column subtraction! I have seen a lot of progress from you so well done!

For your homework, some of you will have a chance to show off this skill! Talk through the method with anyone who will listen!  Some of you will have a mixture of addition and subtraction problems and others have the chance to practice their number and place value in a different way! The homework is due in on Monday 22nd May 2017.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Sheldonlaugh

Dear year 3,

I hope you enjoyed your Secret Student reward. Let's keep on track for another one!


Your homework this week was to design something else out of an umbrella! Be imaginative! Show me designs! Describe how it works! It's in for Monday 15th May, so please do not be late.

Learn you spellings for Monday also! Times tables is the x9. Look for those patterns!


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Sheldonsurprise

Dear Year 3,

Sorry, I don't think the last week's message actually saved, so apologies!

This week we have learned about the possessive apostrophe. Where did I use one in my sentence above?

Well done to all who did their poetry Homework this week. Anyone who has not completed it, please can it be in by Monday 8th May 2017.

You will then be tested by Mrs Pedder on your spellings you received  two weeks ago! Lucky you! You've had extra time!

Our times table focus this week is the 9 x table and 11 x table! They are great for patterns!

Have a great weekend.


Mrs Sheldonno


Dear year 3,

A belated welcome to our two new children who joined our class!


Your Homework this week was a piece of maths related to our work on column addition. Teach someone at home how to do it!


We'll continue with the x6 and x3 tables as our morning was a little different today!


Happy Bank Holiday!


Mrs Sheldon

Spring 2017 Curriculum Statement