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This is where you will find important information about life in Year 6.
Despite all the hard work, we will make sure that your last year at Primary school is action packed and full of fun.

Information about: homework, spellings, trips, important dates, photos and reports can all be found below.

A gentle reminder: printed copies of spellings will be handed out each week. If you lose your paper copy, spellings for the entire year are available to download at the bottom of this page.

We'll try and keep it as up-to-date as possible!
Mr Davidson



Year 6 enjoyed another productive 'Graffiti Day' with Aaron.
This year we worked on tags and stencils and everyone had a go at spray painting the end of the PE shed!


The leavers' hoodies have arrived! Many thanks to Mrs Brown for organising and to the PTFA for helping subsidise the cost!
The kids absolutely love them and they look fantastic. We've onlu blurred the names for GDPR purposes, they are nice and clear on the actual hoodies.


Take Heart (or Take Hart for older viewers!) 3D Science project


Here we go then – the Summer term in Year 6, packed with all kinds of exciting things: Cross-country, Graffiti topic, End of Year Production, Mini-Enterprise, Transition Week, Leavers' Disco (& hoodies!), Sports Day... oh, and SATs, but they will be over as quick as a flash – so don't worry.


Here's some of the graffiti tagging we did to kick-off our new topic:


I have sent home a pack of SATs practice papers for you to have a look at over the holidays. I have included copies for parents to have a go at, if they wish to! Completing the practice papers is completely voluntary for BOTH children and parents. Please don't let the thought of doing them ruin your Easter holidays, I would much rather you had a relaxing couple of weeks off. However, scores from any papers completed by children or parents will be added to our SATs Totaliser. And, as we all know, points make prizes! 


On a serious note: parents, I've really included copies for you, so that you can see quite how challenging some the questions on these papers actually are. If anyone can explain to me in plain English what the Present Perfect Continuous Tense actually is, then you are welcome to teach Grammar for the rest of the year!


The Further Adventures of Colonel Stern & Higgins!


We were recently paid a visit by Victorian supply teacher, 'Colonel' Stern. He made quite an impression, as did his clumsy assistant, Higgins. Read the collection of short-stories they inspired in our Year 6 book: The Further Adventures of Colonel Stern & Higgins!


World Book Day 2019

Fabulous costumes Year 6! However, World Book Day is about so much more than looking amazing... Your homework presentations on your favourite books were brilliant. Lots of detail and justifying your opinion (a good Year 6 skill). Following on from Parents' Evening and some Mums and Dads asking about age appropriate reading materials, in class today we turned our presentations into book reviews and have come up with '25 books to read before you leave Year 6'. Here's the result of their hard work:


SATs Dates 2019

I think I got my dates muddled up at Parents' Evening! Please find below the list of dates in May for our KS2 SATs exams. The - all important - post-SATs party will take place on Friday 17th May (funny that the Department for Education don't list that on their schedule!) 




Congratulations to the girls who took part in this year's Dance Extravaganza at Buckingham School. We finished in third place (out of 10 schools) and qualified for the finals of the competition. The achievement is a result of all your hard work, practice and the great support from Jade, our  dancer teacher!

Earthquakes & Tsunami Topic 2019

Wow! What an incredible topic this has been! Not only, have the children created some incredible 3D models and artwork, but they have also put together a set of detailed booklets about the topic. This required them to research the topic in further detail and write it up in the style of an explanation text. They also included a case study of their own choosing. The photo doesn't begin to do their hard work justice! Well done!

Incredible Earthquake (& Tsunami) Projects

Year 6 have a very special afternoon coming up on Tuesday 29th January.  Now (& Then) Theatre are coming into school to do a presentation and drama workshop about World War One Captain and professional footballer, Walter Tull. This will be a lovely opportunity to revisit the work we did on Walter Tull and Lily Parr in History last term. They recently performed three sold-out nights of the play ‘Tull 100’ at The Radcliffe Centre and are staging the play again in Northampton at the end of January (a fitting tribute to Walter Tull who has a statue outside Sixfields Stadium).

The session is being run by Martin Boileau (former Head of Drama at The Royal Latin School) and will include a presentation on Walter Tull and other BAME soldiers in WW1 by poet, writer and historian, Tré Ventour.


Below, you can see some of the fantastic biographies the children created when studying Walter Tull:



I would just like to thank everybody for the lovely Christmas gifts and cards. Everyone was incredibly kind and generous. I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing and restful Christmas – look forward to seeing everyone on the 3rd January 2019!

Notes from our Year 6 'Meet & Greet' session on Tuesday 18 September 2018


Welcome to Year 6 – 2018/19 Season (sorry being a football obsessive, I tend to live by seasons although – handily – it also applies to academic years!) I hope you've all had a great summer and are getting excited about the year ahead. Year 6 will be fab! Hard work, but FAB! We'll learn loads but we'll make sure we have lots of fun doing it. There's so much to look forward too – and not just the chocolate pudding at Manor Adventure. My job is to make sure you work hard, achieve your best and most importantly have an enjoyable and memorable last year at primary school. There'll be ups-and-downs along the way, but I want you to look back on this year as one of the best you've ever had!

Year 6 Curriculum Statement Spring Term 2019

Year 6 Curriculum Statement Autumn Term 2018_19

Year 6 Meet & Greet - Summary of discussion