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This is where you will find important information about life in Year 6.
Despite all the hard work, we will make sure that your last year at Primary school is action packed and full of fun.

Information about: homework, spellings, trips, important dates, photos and reports can all be found below.

A gentle reminder: printed copies of spellings will be handed out each week. If you lose your paper copy, spellings for the entire year are available to download at the bottom of this page.

We'll try and keep it as up-to-date as possible!
Mr Davidson

Here's a link to the Spring Term 2020 Year 6 curriculum statement.

Happy New Year!


Thank you for all the lovely Christmas cards and gifts. Unbelievably, I have managed to eat my way through all the chocolate!


It is not 2020 (which sounds very 'space-age' when you are old as I am. It will be a great term, with lots of fun things planned, but we will also be ramping up the intensity a bit in English and Maths to make sure we are all ready for the jump to secondary school next year.


Homework and Spellings will be handed out on Mondays as usual. Copies of spellings are also available to download at the bottom of this page.


Sometimes, as a teacher, you have a moment when the brilliance of a student's work stops you dead in your tracks. On National Poetry Day, Lydia came to the front of the class to perform her poem. It was incredible. Our very own Greta Thunberg! Absolutely inspiring! The line that really got me was, "the food was cheap, but the cost was great' - it made me think about how we think about the price of everything, but not the cost to produce it. Enjoy the poem, I have saved it below as a PDF file. It will also be on a poster in the school library.



In English, we have been looking at story writing, one of the first things we did was choose our favourite books and write a review of them. We then shared our book reviews with the class and they have gone on display in the school hall to hopefully inspire younger students to discover some great new reading material!


You can read the children's reviews on the PDF below.



Please return Forest School forms as soon as possible.

Year 6 'Meet & Greet' session on Wednesday 25th September 2019


Welcome to Year 6 – 2019/20 Season (sorry being a football obsessive, I tend to live by seasons although – handily – it also applies to academic years!) I hope you've all had a great summer and are getting excited about the year ahead. Year 6 will be fab! Hard work, but FAB! We'll learn loads but we'll make sure we have lots of fun doing it. There's so much to look forward too – and not just the chocolate pudding at Manor Adventure. My job is to make sure you work hard, achieve your best and most importantly have an enjoyable and memorable last year at primary school. There'll be ups-and-downs along the way, but I want you to look back on this year as one of the best you've ever had!

Y6 Curriculum Statmement Autumn 2019

Year 6 Meet & Greet - Summary of discussion