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This is where you will find important information about life in Year 6.
Despite all the hard work, we will make sure that your last year at Primary school is action packed and full of fun.

Information about: homework, spellings, trips, important dates, photos and reports can all be found below.

A gentle reminder: printed copies of spellings will be handed out each week. If you lose your paper copy, spellings for the entire year are available to download at the bottom of this page.

We'll try and keep it as up-to-date as possible!
Mr Davidson

22/05/20 Friday: Home/School Work for the Day

Somehow we have made it to half-term! It has certainly been the strangest half-term ever. Below is one more set of work for Friday. After half-term it looks as if Year 6 will be back in school. However, it is going to be a bit different to how school was before the Coronavirus outbreak. We will do our best to make it as enjoyable as possible, but it won't be the same as before as we will have to adhere to social distancing at all times. We will do out best to have fun but our absolute priority is to keep you all safe. Have an enjoyable half-term, hope to see you soon.


Mr Davidson

21/05/20 Thursday: Home/School Work for the Day

As you can see (and read) below, it was a great surprise to get this video sent through yesterday – thanks again! Here's your work for Thursday... it was nice to hear from the Year 6s who are in school that they are enjoying watching the videos for A Midsummer Night's Dream!


Mr Davidson

Thank you for this amazing video!

Still image for this video
Thanks to everyone involved for sending through this video, it really cheered me up! To be honest, it is a strange time to be teacher at the moment, when you can't see your class on a daily basis! Hopefully, things will change soon!

20/05/20 Wednesday: Home/School Work for the Day

Today is my day on the Key Worker rota, so I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in school. Here's your work for today. Have a good day...


Mr Davidson

19/05/20 Tuesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Welcome to Tuesday! Apparently, it is going to be nice and warm and sunny today, so try to get out and enjoy the sunshine (responsibly with sunscreen and hats!) Please find your work for Tuesday below...


Mr Davidson

18/05/20 Monday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! I hope you had a good weekend? Below is Monday's work schedule and resources. I've also just uploaded a new Church Assembly video for you.


Mr Davidson

15/05/20 Friday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hurrah! It's Friday! I'm actually looking forward to the weekend this time as there's going to be some football going on! I know it is not particularly important at the present time, but I am looking forward to the distraction of watch a game or two, just to keep me occupied!


I hope everyone remembered to clap for the NHS and key workers last night! They deserve it!


Mr Davidson

14/05/20 Thursday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! I hope everyone is having a good week? Here's your work for Thursday...


Mr Davidson

13/05/20 Wednesday: Home/School Work for the Day


It was good to be in school yesterday, doing English and Maths with a range of key worker children from reception to Year 6. Some amazing Maths going on! Well done to those children in Year 4 and Year 5 who finished their own work and completely smashed multiplying fractions with the Year 6s. Here's your work for Wednesday. Stay safe!


Mr Davidson

12/05/20 Tuesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! I hope you had a good day yesterday – it suddenly felt really chilly, didn't it? Let's hope the warm weather returns soon. Meanwhile, here's your work for today...

11/05/20 Monday: Home/School Work for the Day


I hope you had an enjoyable long-weekend and that you were able to commemorate VE Day safely. I have decided to start on our Shakespeare unit of study, however, I've had to adapt the resources so that you can experience Shakespeare via online learning. When we are back in class we will add to our learning about Shakespeare's plays.


In Maths, unfortunately, White Rose Maths have stopped their free home-learning resources, fortunately, as a school we have a subscription that allows us to access the worksheets, so you will just need to download them below...

07/05/20 Thursday: Home/School Work for the Day


Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe) which brought an end to hostilities in the World War Two. There are lots of activities on the school's VE Day webpage for you to explore. Remember, Friday 8 May is a Bank Holiday to commemorate VE Day, so there will be no work set for you on Friday. Relax and enjoy the long-weekend! Today's work is available below...

Home/School Resources for Thursday 7 May

06/05/20 Wednesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Below is your work for Wednesday. I am holding off this week from starting our next English topic which should be looking at a Shakespeare play and I am still looking at a way to do it online, or hoping that we could do it in class if we are allowed back to school soon.

Home/School Resources for Wednesday 6 May

05/05/20 Tuesday: Home/School Work for the Day

Hello again! I hope you had a good day yesterday, it was nice to see some sunshine again! Here is today's work:

04/05/20 Monday: Home/School Work for the Day

Star Wars Day. May the force be with you (you might need some Jedi-mind tricks, we are about to start a week of fractions!) I hope everyone had a good weekend. I find the weekend's the hardest, as I miss going to football. There aren't even any results to check on or Match of the Day to look forward to! Hopefully, we will all be able to start doing the things we enjoy again soon!


As always, don't worry if you can't get your head round a particular topic. Just do your best!


Mr Davidson

01/05/20 Friday: Home/School Work for the Day


I can't believe it is Friday again or that it is the 1st of May already! Today you will be writing your balanced argument about graffiti. It doesn't matter which side you believe is correct, you need to put both sides of the debate. Computing is a new topic. I thought film making might be a good one to get into at home, as most of you have access to a device that you could film with. You are going to plan a documentary about home schooling during the coronavirus pandemic (or you can choose a topic of your own, I would probably do a documentary about football shirts!) Have fun and enjoy the weekend.


Mr Davidson

30/04/20 Thursday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again, I hope everybody is doing okay this week. I know both my girls have been missing their friends this week. I'm sure it won't be too long before we can see people again. Here's today's work...


Mr Davidson

29/04/20 Wednesday: Home/School Work for the Day


I hope the Reading Comprehension wasn't too exhausting yesterday - they do take a long time! Just a reminder that Home/School isn't like normal school! It is really hard to introduce and explain topics when we are not in class. The objective is to do your best, we don't expect everyone to understand everything all the time. It can be really hard (even with the answers!) to solve some of the questions. The main message is: don't worry, just do your best.


The schedule isn't too bad today! The English is nice and short and the art looks fun (well, if you like art!)


Don't forget to check the video message from all your teachers on YouTube (accessible via the link in 'Latest News').


Mr Davidson

Home/School Resources for Wednesday 29th April

28/04/20 Tuesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! It was nice to be in school today (it was my turn on the rota), Mrs Burgin has done an amazing job painting the library and the corridors – it looks so much brighter! Today's Science might be tricky for some people to do as it requires a geranium plant or two – don't worry if it is not possible. There's a nice juicy SATS Reading Comprehension to get your teeth into, which will take you a good hour to complete if you give it your best shot. That's why I've been kind and not given you too much Maths!

Stay safe,

Mr Davidson

27/04/20 Monday: Home/School Work for the Day

Hello again! I hope you had a good weekend enjoying the sunshine. It was nice to see a couple of you – at a safe social distance – to drop off prizes for the football shirt competition. Please find you work for today attached below.


Mr Davidson

24/04/20 Friday: Home/School Work for the Day

Fri-yay! Hope everyone has been able to enjoy some of the amazing weather this week? Your work for Friday is available to download below. In English, we are building towards writing a balanced argument about graffiti, so no matter what your view on it, you will need to think about both points of view. I hope you have a good weekend.


Mr Davidson

23/04/20 Thursday: Home/School Work for the Day


Sorry to all you keen beans who like to download the resources for today's lessons the night before. We had a slight internet malfunction last night (I'm blaming Bess & Charlotte for watching too much Netflix!) Anyway, bit of luck I like getting up early – I am sort of missing my usual routine of being in school at 06:00 and my daily chat with Matt the cleaner! Here is your work for today. Our graffiti lesson would usually have been a discussion with you all about the positives and negatives of graffiti. Obviously, I can't really do that without you, but I have found some work (it is aimed at teenagers, but I am confident you lot can answer it) that will take the place of our discussion.


Hope you have a good day, I am really missing you lot now, hope to see you soon.

Mr Davidson

Home/School Resources for Thursday 23 April



Hopefully, you've had a chance to watch the YouTube video of my ridiculous number of football shirts (click here to watch, if you haven't).

Thanks to everyone who sent in their answers and special thanks to Ben and Mrs W for helping to coordinate everything. We do have some winners to announce. Nobody, including me (!) guessed 'white' as being the most popular shirt colour, but there were winners in the number of shirts and team categories...


Number of shirts winner:

(guessed 69, actual number 67)


Team with most shirts winners:

(FC St. Pauli, although it was close: just one less Watford shirt!)


There will be prizes to be delivered over the weekend (I'll have to combine the prize purchase with some essential shopping!)

Well done to everyone! I'm slightly scared by how sad I am, collecting all these shirts, my children have disowned me!


22/04/20 Wednesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Apologies, I am sure the eagle-eyed among you spotted that I spelt 'triangle' wrong AND put the wrong date – I blame working in isolation and not having my reliable team of 26 mistake spotters in place in class!


Below is you work for the day, don't stress the Art, drawing the 3D optical illusions is tricky and take a bit of patience and practice. And now the moment – not many of you have been waiting for:


Click here to watch Mr Davidson's Football Shirt Video. I'll add the overall winner for the number of shirts and two runners-up later today!


Mr Davidson


21/04/20 Tuesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! Below is your work for Tuesday. We are back to our graffiti topic today,  this time brainstorming some of the damaging impact of graffiti on a community. You are planning a letter of complaint to the local newspaper.

We also start on a new Science topic, looking at Living Things and their Habitats. Don't forget, today is the last day for entries to my football shirt competition with the chocolate-tastic prize.


Stay safe,


Mr Davidson


Welcome back (ish!) Looks like we have a few more weeks of virtual learning ahead of us, before  – hopefully – returning to enjoy the last, most fun part of Year 6! Hope you had a good Easter break (at least you got a couple of weeks break from having to check the Year 6 page for work!)


Please find below your timetable for Monday, I've tried to be fairly gentle with you – although you will need to find a protractor to help with the Maths. Also, don't forget to submit your answers for my Football Shirt Quiz. There will be prizes (even if I have to deliver them on my bike!) I will let you know the result on Wednesday, so you have a couple more days to get your answer in (via Ben).


Mr Davidson


Hello! I hope you are having a good holiday and not missing your daily work schedule too much? Like most of the nation, I've been using some of this time at home to have a tidy up and a clear out. During this process, I have discovered that I own an awful lot of football shirts!


So, I thought we'd have a competition. All you have to do is pick a number between 1-100, the number that is closest to the number of shirts that I own will win a PRIZE! I am going to ask Mrs Wrigley – via her contact in Y6 – to see if you can coordinate your entries via WhatsApp. I will reveal the winner next term (complete with a video of me wearing every shirt I own!)


In case of a tie-break, there are two further questions: Which team do I have the most shirts from? and Which colour do I own the most shirts of?


So, you need to send your name and the following details, here is an example:


Your Name: Alan Pupil

Number of shirts Mr Davidson owns: 93

Team with the most shirts: West Bromwich Albion

Most shirts of this colour: Red


Good luck!


03/04/20 Friday: Home/School Work for the Day


Wow! At the end of today it's officially the EASTER HOLIDAYS! A bit strange this year as we've not been *in* school for two weeks!


But first, we've got one more day of lessons. Today, you'll be writing your biography of a graffiti artist, calculating some angles in Maths and doing some more work on spreadsheets! After that, I'll give you a bit of a break: no Easter holiday homework – just try to have some fun, get some fresh air and be active outside in the garden if and when you can. And be nice to everyone at home!


I'll try and pop by this page and post some holiday updates, even if it is only some terrible video of me and Charlotte kicking a football around in the garden! Hope you all have a great Easter and that we get to see each other in class soon!


Stay safe,


Mr Davidson

02/04/20 Thursday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! Below is your work for Thursday. We are back to our graffiti topic today, researching and taking notes on a famous graffiti artist of your choice. It is important to remember that many graffiti artists haven't had a conventional life and often ended up breaking the law. We will discuss this in detail later in the topic, but the really important message is that any graffiti painted or written on somebody else's property or in a public place is illegal and can lead to arrest, being taken to court, and even end up with a prison sentence.


I hope things are going okay at home. It is really strange not seeing you all every day. Life is quieter but a lot less fun. Let's hope we can get back into class before too long. Keep smiling, keep being kind to friends and family, and keep those people who are working to keep us safe, healthy and fed! in our hearts and minds.


Mr Davidson

01/04/20 Wednesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Wow! I can't believe it is 1st April already (unless, the calendar is fooling me?) I hope you have been keeping busy and have been able to get outside in the sunshine. I even managed to persuade Charlotte to play football in the garden for a bit today. Otherwise, we are keeping busy by doing a weekly shop for ourselves and two sets of the girls grandparents! I'll be back again tomorrow with some more work, but don't worry it is nearly the Easter Holidays and I promise there won't be too much homework!


Stay safe!


Mr Davidson

Home/School Resources for Wednesday 1st April

31/03/20 Tuesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! Below you will find the work for Tuesday. We are starting a new topic in English, which is one of my favourites. We are looking at graffiti from a variety of different non-fiction perspectives. We will start by doing some research into the history of graffiti and then look at some specific famous graffiti artists. Our Art topic will also be graffiti, so there will be some good cross-curricular opportunities.

30/03/20 Monday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hope you had a good weekend – and enjoyed the break from school work? Today, we are going to make use of our revision books for some of our work. Check the files below for full instructions. I think that the weekends are actually more tricky than the weeks for just staying at home. I REALLY miss going to football at the weekends. It is so strange for there to be no sport at all! I did persuade Charlotte to come out in the garden and kick a football about for a bit!


I am keeping myself busy editing your excellent Colonel Stern stories you typed up before we started working from home. They are so good they are making me laugh out loud. I'm hoping to have the book ready for you as a PDF by the end of the week (complete with your fabulous artwork!)


Have a good day! I know staying home must feel frustrating, but remember we are doing as part of a global effort to beat this virus.


See you (on here) tomorrow!

Mr Davidson

27/03/20 Friday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! Yes, I know it's Friday but it is me, not Mrs Moss (although I heard her – down the road – outside at 8:00pm clapping and cheering for our amazing NHS workers and carers).


Funny day at home today... We spoke to my Mum (who is 76 and lives in Buckingham). Somehow, she had found our videos on the YouTube channel – she said she is now listening to me reading a chapter from Charlotte's Web each night before bed. Things have gone full circle: about 40 years ago she was reading me bedtime stories! Also, Bess and Charlotte then found the videos and have both said that Mrs McKenzie's Frog Blog is by far and away the best video! They have subscribed so they can watch as soon as the next episode drops!


Please find your work for Friday below. It is time for the return of an old friend in English! If you don't have Excel then doing the ICT will be tricky, but don't worry if you haven't got it on your computer, I'm sure you won't need any encouragement to brush up on your Scratch skills!


Have a good weekend, keep safe!


See you here bright and early on Monday,


Mr Davidson

26/03/20 Thursday: Home/School Work for the Day


What an interesting day Wednesday was! Our Year 6 Revision Guides finally arrived! I was able to get out on my bike and deliver the books to those children in Buckingham and Gawcott. Mrs Pedder was going to do the same for everyone in Maids Moreton, Akeley, Dadford etc. I felt like Postman Pat, not helped by the fact my daughter's singing the theme tune "Special Delivery Service" before I left meant that I had that stuck in my head as I was cycling round! It was nice to see some of you as well as catching up with a few mums and dads too. I left quite a few copies of the books on the doorstep, so hopefully you have found them by now! (No excuses, like: "The local/fox/hedgehog/milkman ate my homework please!)


I will start adding sections from the books for you to do into your work for next week. I've already planned this week's lessons. Of course, I can't stop the really keen-beans among you getting stuck into them straight away, but I will try and link each of the sections in the books to the topics we are studying – especially in Maths.


Today's work is listed on the PDF below. Don't forget those diary entries too. For those of you flying through TT Rock Stars, I have added another PDF of the starter problems we were working on earlier in the year. They are really good for keeping you razor-sharp on lots of different calculations. Challenge yourself to solve them, or to solve them in the fastest time possible.


Have a good day, I'll be back tomorrow morning with Friday's work!


Mr Davidson

Resources for Thursday's Home/School learning

25/03/20 Wednesday: Home/School Work for the Day


Hello again! Hope everybody has been enjoying the sunshine and has managed to spend some time in the garden or that you've managed to get outside for your one piece of allocation exercise! I managed to get out for a run and it was very quiet, just a few people walking their dogs. I'm in school today – my turn on the rota – covering for those key workers doing a fantastic job working for the NHS, or keeping us stocked-up on food and medicine in supermarkets and pharmacies or doing a really important job of keeping everybody supplied with essential items. 


Don't forget to keep working on your diaries, they will be important first hand source material in years to come! I've set your work for Wednesday and you can find it all in the PDF attached below. I have had people ask how they can get their completed work back to me for me to mark, at the moment its not possible, I'm afraid – but we are working on it! So for the time being, do your best and you could always get an adult at home to have a look at it with you (although, I do appreciate that parents are extra-busy at the moment with work and looking after you lot!)


I've uploaded some new videos to our YouTube account. You can click HERE to see the latest videos. I am imagining you lot laughing at me reading a story and saying how 'cringe' it is! That's just what you have to do when you are a famous YouTuber, I mean TEACHER! Just wait until I start reading out 'The Further Adventures of Colonel Stern & Higgins' complete with ridiculous accents! (More on Stern & Higgins in the next few days!)


Resources for Wednesday's Home/School learning

24/03/20 Tuesday: Home/School Work for the Day


I hope that you had a good first day of Home/School. It is going to take a bit of getting used to, isn't it? Although, I must say, I did an imaginary register at 9:00am this morning and there was a lot less chatter than usual! :) I actually miss the chatter! Anyway, I hope you are finding a way to work at home. I am seeing the two extremes from my daughters: Bess (in Y12) is very relaxed about it all, where as Charlotte (Year 9) is sticking rigidly to her school lesson timetable , including not stopping for lunch until 1:20pm (which is when the lunch-break is at her school!)


I have been told that TT Rock Stars is playing up a bit (I think it is because so many children are using it at once). Don't worry if it doesn't look like it has recorded your scores, I have checked on the teacher log-in and the scores are there! Looking forward to everyone coming back and knowing their tables facts inside out and back to front!


You will find all your work for Tuesday in the PDF document below. Hopefully, it is quite easy to understand. It is quite hard for me to do this teaching bit, without actually being able to teach you! Look after yourselves. See you (on here) tomorrow!


Mr Davidson



23/03/20 Monday: Home/School Work for the Day


You didn't think that I would forget, did you? Please find below your work schedule for the day. At the moment it is all in the PDFs below, we are still awaiting delivery from the publisher of your own individual copies of your Year 6 workbooks. As soon as they arrive we will send a parentmail to say they are available for collection or for us to post them to you. So don't worry, you'll still get the shiny new books to work from!


In the meantime, have a go at the work provided, there's some core English and Maths along with a bit of PSHE.


And don't worry, Tuesday's work will be online by 9:00am!


Look after the people at home with you – be kind. See you soon!


Mr Davidson


Year 6 work for Monday 23rd March (contains all links & info needed)

An Elephant in the Garden PDF download (just click to read/save)

19/3/20: Year 6 Home/School Workbook

Today, your child will be bringing home an exercise book for them to use during certain aspects of our home/school provision.

We are hoping for a delivery of Collins Targeted Practice Workbooks for English/Maths to arrive by tomorrow (20/3/20). These will be sent home with your children when they arrive with us. If these books do not arrive before Friday, we will get them delivered to you at the start of next week.

My vision for home/school working is that each morning a list of tasks (beginning Monday 23rd March) will be posted on the Year 6 class page on the school website. These will be the targeted activities for that day.

At the same time, I will be looking to expand our home/school provision by investigating the use of learning portals (such as Google hangouts/YouTube video clips etc.) Please bear with me on this, as I am relatively new to organising and understanding this type of provision and am not sure what form it will take yet.

Rest assured, we will continue to remain in contact – and hope to see everyone back at school soon.

The Year 6 page on the school website will be the first point of call for work, until other systems are in place.

Kind regards,

Mr Davidson



In response to questions about the Coronavirus situation, I have had lots of constructive discussion with the class about potential arrangements for home-learning. Mrs Pedder has kindly sanctioned the purchased of 4 x Collins Revision guides for each child in Year 6. These will be given to the children in the event of a school closure. We discussed how, each morning, I would post a timetable of of tasks to be completed for that particular day. The children understand that they will have the responsibility to check and self-mark this work (answers are provided in the books). We all appreciate this isn't an ideal situation, but it will mean that the children's learning will stay focused, during their important, final year in primary school. There will also be some fun tasks and challenges (that won't be book-based) to make sure that there is an opportunity to enjoy ourselves and be creative.


Just to be clear, this is still a hypothetical scenario at this stage, we are all hoping we can continue to be in school as normal (especially my own family, who will know that they will suffer from an overload of  terrible 'dad-jokes' that I usually get out of my system during the day with the class!)


Thanks for your patience and understanding. Sorry, that we don't have the infrastructure or resources, to be able to offer the sort of online-learning that can be provided by bigger (secondary) schools.


Also, I just wanted to say how positive and flexible the children have been in response to the situation. They are a credit to you all. 


Mr Davidson


Year 6, as you are not in school today due to the storm damage, why not use this opportunity to get ahead with your homework. You will find printable PDF files below for you to download and print. There will be the usual paper copies in school on Tuesday, but what a great opportunity to take a break from the telly or tablet and do a spot of work!

Here's a link to the Spring Term 2020 Year 6 curriculum statement.

Happy New Year!


Thank you for all the lovely Christmas cards and gifts. Unbelievably, I have managed to eat my way through all the chocolate!


It is not 2020 (which sounds very 'space-age' when you are old as I am. It will be a great term, with lots of fun things planned, but we will also be ramping up the intensity a bit in English and Maths to make sure we are all ready for the jump to secondary school next year.


Homework and Spellings will be handed out on Mondays as usual. Copies of spellings are also available to download at the bottom of this page.


Sometimes, as a teacher, you have a moment when the brilliance of a student's work stops you dead in your tracks. On National Poetry Day, Lydia came to the front of the class to perform her poem. It was incredible. Our very own Greta Thunberg! Absolutely inspiring! The line that really got me was, "the food was cheap, but the cost was great' - it made me think about how we think about the price of everything, but not the cost to produce it. Enjoy the poem, I have saved it below as a PDF file. It will also be on a poster in the school library.



In English, we have been looking at story writing, one of the first things we did was choose our favourite books and write a review of them. We then shared our book reviews with the class and they have gone on display in the school hall to hopefully inspire younger students to discover some great new reading material!


You can read the children's reviews on the PDF below.



Please return Forest School forms as soon as possible.

Year 6 'Meet & Greet' session on Wednesday 25th September 2019


Welcome to Year 6 – 2019/20 Season (sorry being a football obsessive, I tend to live by seasons although – handily – it also applies to academic years!) I hope you've all had a great summer and are getting excited about the year ahead. Year 6 will be fab! Hard work, but FAB! We'll learn loads but we'll make sure we have lots of fun doing it. There's so much to look forward too – and not just the chocolate pudding at Manor Adventure. My job is to make sure you work hard, achieve your best and most importantly have an enjoyable and memorable last year at primary school. There'll be ups-and-downs along the way, but I want you to look back on this year as one of the best you've ever had!

Y6 Curriculum Statmement Autumn 2019

Year 6 Meet & Greet - Summary of discussion