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Year 4

Dear Year 4

Just to advise you I have added the Curriculum statement for this term. Obviously it is subject to amendment during lockdown.

Well done for all your hard work so far.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 4,

It's already Thursday and we have worked so hard I wanted to praise you for everything you have done so far! One more day to go and I've re-arranged your desks to hopefully make our classroom a little more normal!

I hope you have a great weekend when it gets here. Don't forget to do your research and sketches on the Houses of Parliament!

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 4,

Keep hold of your hats this weekend! I think it's going to be a windy one! Il fait du vent!

We'll be blown into addition next week, so let's try to remember some of those skills of column addition from Year 3.

We will continue our exploration of the Stone Age through History and English. Don't forget your Roman Numeral homework on Class Dojo!

Happy weekend

Mrs Sheldon

Hello year 4,

Thank you for another fabulous week, in which we learned new French vocabulary for parts of the face and some common adjectives. Next week, we move on to parts of the body!

We continue our place value work with looking at negative numbers and Roman Numerals. Can you spot any Roman Numerals around your home?

In English, we will be really concentrating on a piece of descriptive writing, based on the items of scrap we brainstormed on Friday. We will keep using a thesaurus to make sure we are finding the best words possible to describe them!

Keep learning your spellings and look out on Class Dojo next week for your first piece of homework.

Have a fun weekend

Mrs Sheldon

Hello Year 4!


Here are your 10 words to learn for our next spelling test on Monday 28th September


Mrs McK 

Happy weekend Year 4!

What another busy week and one in which we have looked at those big questions, like 'Can everybody be happy?, as we start to explore the Buddhist religion.

In maths, I really think we've got it in place value! We just will keep re-visiting the partitioning in the non-standard way, so we feel really confident.

Our English unit next week will focus on Stig of the Dump, our class reader. Lots of exciting descriptive writing to be done!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Sheldonlaugh

Hi Year 4!


I spoke to all of you today (14.09.20) about spellings and you all had a go at practising your spelling words on the new sheet designed to help you with your 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' learning. Below you'll find the spelling lists for your groups, the Brain Boxes and the Master Minds! If you can't remember which group you are in, open both to have a look at the words and you should recognise the words you were practising in school. I'll test you on your 10 words next Monday 21st September.


The new format sheet is only there to help you if you need. If you have a way to learn your spellings that works better for you then that is fine. I won't be marking these sheets - they are just to help you in your learning. If an adult is helping you print them out then the two pages will need to be printed doubled sided on the short edge to work when you fold the page in half. Remember you only need to snip the top flap - don't cut all the way through!


We have ClassDojo up and running in school now and once you have all been set up on the system so you can access it from home then you'll be able to find your spellings on the Year 4 section of the ClassDojo site. For now though, they'll appear on the website.


Any questions, just ask!


Mrs McKenzie


Dear year 4

Welcome to the new week! If your mummies or daddies want to know exactly what we are looking to achieve in our learning in Year 4, get them to have a look at the statements on the bottom of this page! I think they'll be impressed! It may also help you to think about what you personally need to work on, as we journey through our work together.

Here's to a great new week!

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 4,

Can I just thank you all for a fantastic first full week? We have done so much work together and laughed together in our 'wonderful world' know what I mean!

We continue our work on place value next week and we will also keep using the Planet Earth book for our English, to explore our world and how we are all feeling.

We will start our History topic on The Stone Age and our RE topic on Buddhism. So looks like another busy but fun week ahead!

I hope you all have a restful and happy weekend!

Mrs Sheldonwink

Wecome to Year 4 - a new adventure awaits!

Spring 2021 Curriculum statement