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Year 4

22nd May 2020


Good Morning Year 4


Mrs Wrigley here!  Just to let you know that Mrs Smith hasn't forgotten you...she's having a little trouble with her WiFi at the moment so will be back in touch as soon as possible.


Take care xxx

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Thursday morning 19th March, and all thoughts of Covid-19 were pushed aside as the hall of St. James & St. John Chackmore site was transformed into ‘The School of Rock!’. 

All of the children involved were amazing and gave a most spectacular performance. This feat was made all the greater when just two days before they received the devastating news that they would not be able to perform this year’s much anticipated production “Dick Whittington” in front of their parents. However, out of the ashes of crushing disappointment, they rose up as a magnificent phoenix and filled the school with joyous song, laughter and more than a little air guitar! (Which even Mrs. Pedder joined in!)

Mrs. Plummer stated, “it’s the best performance I’ve ever seen here!”

A sentiment that was echoed by the rest of the staff and pupils alike. 

I was personally so proud of each and every one of them, and have been amazed by their resilience and fortitude in the face of such uncertain times. I very much look forward to children getting their chance in the future to perform the songs for you once life returns to normal. 

But for the meantime, Mrs Mckenzie and myself have made an audio recording of two of the childrens favourite songs that I hope you will enjoy, feel free to pick up your air guitar and join in too.....!


Mrs Smith