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Year 3

               Hello Year 3!!!                


The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a bit of a change in the way the Year 3 webpages are now laid out!


The activities and messages from your teachers are now all found by clicking on the link below. This will take you through to tabs for each individual week. Select the week we are on and your activities and news from your teachers will be under the tab for the day.





We will be meeting together on Zoom at 2.30pm this coming Thursday 23rd April!

Details of how to access the meeting will be circulated on the class WhatsApp group. 


As we did last time, we will each take it in turns to speak and share with everyone.

This time we it would be great to hear about either a

new skill or some new knowledge you have learnt since we have been off school. 

Don't worry if you don't have anything you want to share, just seeing your smiley face would be lovely!


So we can feedback to our classmates when our microphones are muted,

it would be wonderful if you have a bright and colourful "Wow!" sign ready to show

your friends once they have shared thier achievements.

You could also make a sign with a question mark on it (?) to hold up to let me know if you have a question to ask one of your friends.


See you on Thursday! I can't wait!






Year 3 & 4 play


Parents, as you know we have had to sadly change our arrangements for the Year 3 & 4 play.  We intend to perform to the older year groups and staff.  We stressed to the children yesterday that if they have costumes ready, then they can bring them in to wear, but if they haven't got costumes ready yet, then it does not matter.  They can wear their uniform or even PE kit.  Please, please do not feel you have to rush to get something together.






World Book Day

Well done to everyone for your fantastic costumes for World Book Day.  We had a busy time with our drama workshop based on Charlotte's Web, preparing our class display, making Fantastic Mr Fox homes........

Those of you who brought in your Reading Challenge sheets on WBD got a golden housepoint, and all recommended and spoke about the favourite book on your list.  I have put these together into a Y3 Recommended Reading List - it's up in the classroom for you to see and get some ideas from.









Please click on the link below for our Spring Term Curriculum Statement which sets out all the areas we are going to be learning about this term!



Spring Term Curriculum Statement

On Tuesday 22nd October, we went to Stowe for a writing workshop based around Queen Victoria's visit to Stowe in 1845.  We had a really good day and found out lots of information about the amazing preparations for this royal visit.  We all took on the role of one of the guests invited to the house whilst Queen Victoria was there and we wrote character descriptions and drew what we might have looked like, making sure we were dressed in appropriate clothes for the time. We saw the menu for the grand dinner, although we didn't think we would want to eat some of the dishes!  We read about the extravagant decorations and made pictures of the elegantly furnished bedroom in which Queen Victoria stayed.

Back at school, we wrote a recount of the day.

Year 3, your recounts were some of the best pieces of writing so far this year.  They were fantastic!  You should be very proud of yourselves for the excellent use of language, sentence construction and structure of your work.  Lots of you used paragraphs to separate sections of the day and good time adverbials such as first, next, after that, finally.  Well done!

Autumn Term Curriculum Statement

This week's homework:

Homework for the half term holiday if possible (I know some of you are going away, so this is just if you have the time) - we will be really getting into our work on Ancient Greece after the holiday, so see if you can find a few facts about this time in history.  Write them in your homework book.  You could try to find some pictures too.


  • The link below will take you to the spellings lists for the week.
  • Spellings will be tested every FRIDAY with new spellings given out on the same day to be learnt for the following week.
  • Spellings are linked to the Read Write Inc. spelling programme the children are following in school.

Maths Facts Rapid Recall

  • The ability to quickly recall mathematical facts is essential in helping children calculate mentally. 
  • To start off this term we are going to be asking children to practise the rapid recall of number facts at home.
  • In school on a Friday, children will be given a list of 25 questions on a specific set or sets of addition and/or subtraction facts.
  • This will give them a time to 'beat' the following week.
  • At home, we ask if you can time your child on 2 more ocassions as they practise the same set of facts, recording their times at the end of the practise list. Practise sheets will be in their blue maths folders.
  • In school on the FRIDAY, we will do a final list against the clock with the hope that they are able to complete it in a shorter time than the previous Friday.
  • Later in the year, we shall move on to practising our multiplication facts.
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Click on the link below to access Times Tables Rockstars!


  • Login details for all the children have been sent home so children can access this site and start practising their Times Tables!
  • The class have currently been set their 10 times table to practise. Questions will appear as both multiplication and division facts.
  • Children earn 'coins' for correct answers which they can then trade for items for their avatar!
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Below are the Forest School letters sent home this term for the Squirrels and Rabbits groups.


Our sessions this term are going to be on:


Autumn Term 1st Half

MONDAY 7TH OCTOBER - Squirrels Group 



Autumn Term 2nd Half

MONDAY 18TH NOVEMBER - Squirrels Group