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Year 2

Dear Year two,


Well what fantastic dragon's eyes you made today! We really used our doughdisco fingers to create some stunning designs. Next week we will paint them to make them even more effective.


Could you please remember to show your parents your spelling log, which shows which sound we are working on this week. Perhaps you can even tell someone what the spelling rule is?


Next week we start a new book called The Bear and the Piano. It's a lovely story upon which to base our English.


We will continue our work on addition in Maths.


Happy weekend


Mrs Sheldon

Dear year 2,


Well done on the fantastic Harvest Assembly! It was our first big performance and I was so proud of you all.

This week you took home a green book with our spelling sound. I have invited your parents to look for this sound in your reading and make sure you are really confident with the spelling. This week it was the 'or' sound where we spell it 'a' before l or ll. For example, tall, walk. This is a tricky spelling! You can also write the words in your book to practice handwriting.


We will be looking at one more/less next week in Maths, so brush up on your counting skills!

Happy weekend.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 2,


Well we are well in to the term now and all getting to know each other! Hope you are having the fun we promised too!


Our Harvest Festival looms, so if you have some words to learn, please try them on someone at home! The words should also be in every day please!


Keep on reading every night and if you have a spare moment, practice counting in three's!

Thank you

Mrs Sheldon


Welcome to Year Two

Lots to learn with fun along the way!



On this class page you will find weekly updates of our educational adventures and other important information too!

Please ensure you child has their PE kit in every day.

We love to see your comments about how your child has done with their reading too!

See you at the Meet and Greet at 2.30pm on the 10th September!

Mrs Sheldon and Mrs Pedder

Year 2 Timetable 2019/2020