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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Be ready to have lots of fun, but be ready for lots of hard work!

The teacher in the class with you will be Miss Lambert. 

Year 2 meet your teacher video

Still image for this video

Bonjour classe deux!


Comment ca va? (How are you?). I've just entered week two of my couch to 5k running programme and I'm feeling not too bad! It was hard at first, but as I got used to the running and I have persevered, I am enjoying it a lot! Have you tried something new at all?


Here's some ideas for a Spring Scavenger Hunt!


Maybe in your own garden or on the short walk we are all allowed!

  • Find a yellow flower
  • Find three different shaped leaves
  • Find something red
  • Find a spider's web
  • Name two things you can see in the sky
  • Find something that crawls
  • Find some water
  • Find something that is long


I also found this website


It's got some free primary songs on it that you might like to try. See if you can sing loud enough so that Mrs Plummer can hear you! I don't know about you, but I do miss hearing Mrs Plummer's cheery voice.


Miss Richardson also sent an idea of drawing a picture of the huge new hospital, called the Nightingale Hospital. Do you think you know after whom this hospital may be named?


How did you get on with the clock maths sheets yesterday? Now apply what you learned throughout the day. You will become Time Lords!


If you want to see a story today, go to the link


It's the story of the Owl Babies! Some of you will have read this! Maybe you could write a letter to the baby owls and reassure them that everything will be ok? Perhaps tell them how you are feeling in this time? If we share our thoughts, we can help everyone! Try to make some question sentences to practise using question marks.


Have a good day,


Mrs Sheldon


Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hello year two how are you all? I like Mrs Sheldon have been having internet problems today too many people trying to use it at the same time in my house I think.

I've been getting a science lesson ready for you for Friday it's on our topic of Animals including humans and it's all about healthy eating. I must admit I've been a bit naughty snacking on biscuits while working from home. I am planning on buying lots of fruit and vegetables next time I go shopping. 

Our science topic next term is all about plants so I'll be planning some lessons around this too. 

I hope you are managing to be kind to everyone you live with. Give them all extra hugs today to show how much you appreciate all they do.

I've found you a snakes and ladders game you might like. It even gives you a dice to make and it will help you with your 2, 3 and 5 times tables.

Miss you all sending lots of hugs and squeezes.

Mrs Kerins

Dear Year two,

Sorry for the delay this morning, but I think we're running out of internet in this house!!wink Everyone is trying to get things done!


Anyway, now I am on, I'll let you know that I'm hoping to get a time worksheet loaded for you to work on. It just concentrates on quarter to and past and half past. See how you get on.


How about today having a go a some of your spellings in the list we gave you in your pack? They are the tricky words! Those words we find hard to spell because something is a bit different to all our lovely phonic rules!


I saw a lovely idea too. It was from Mrs Chapman! If you pop the ends of your vegetables  in a dish of shallow water for three weeks,  you'll then see them start to grow! You can then have a go at planting them in the garden!


Here's a lovely thought too!


Find happiness in the spot where you are!


And a joke


Week 2 of being at home...

I had a chat with spider today.

Apparently he's a web designer! laugh


Have a good day.

Mrs Sheldon



La date

Welcome to week two of our new way of life!


How have you been doing? Did you remember to put the clocks forward on Saturday night? Do you know why we do this? Perhaps you could research it and give mum or dad a little presentation?


Did you have a go at learning the Spanish words for different colours? Were any really obvious? Did some remind you of French colours maybe? Le me test you now! What is the Spanish word for white? For green? For red? Did you get them?


I found another of our lovely clips off The Literacy Shed. It's the story of a young African girl called Zahra and it reminded me of our work on Malawi. It shows how hard children have to work for even one drop of clean water. Do you remember how shocked you were at how hard they worked in the Malawi village we saw?


For your English task today, maybe you could write a diary entry of the little girl or maybe you could write an instruction text on how to get water? Illustrate your work with pictures and maybe test yourself on what those colours are in Spanish!


Here's the link


We were due to do some work on telling the time, so this week can you have a go at asking mummy or daddy to tell you what the time is? Remember we can use a clock to count in fives!! There's a good way to keep learning your five times table. Ask them, 'What time will it be in 10 minutes time?' for example and use the clock to count on. Concentrate on quarter past, half past, quarter to and o'clock to begin with!

Where is the big hand for quarter to, quarter past and half past and o'clock? Draw your own clock to test yourself!


In our art lessons, remember we were looking at the work of Lowry? Can you remember the song we played and loved? (Matchstalk men and Matchstalk cats and dogs). Maybe someone can get it on YOU tube for you and sing along! You could then have a go at drawing a matchstick figure again. Mrs Parsons showed us just how to keep the lines so simple. Then ask someone if they can tell what action you figure is doing!


Hope you are all keeping safe and well.


Miss you all.


Mrs Sheldon








Also, just heard from Alice that it's National Theatre day today, so perhaps try to do a play from your favourite part of a book?

In other news, it's also National Scribble Day! Who ever knew there was such a thing!


Happy day!

Mrs S x

La date en francais

Hello year 2,

That was so good to hear from Mrs Kerins and Bumble Bear! Looks like they are both keeping fit, but allowing themselves some treats! Sounds about right to me! I've kept up my running too, easy in this sunshine!


One thing I've spotted today, if you can manage to get on to the website, Chester Zoo are doing a virtual tour, but it is obviously very popular, so the website takes a while to load. I've also had the top tip to look on the Year 3 page, where Mrs McKenzie continues to astound us with her amazing Frog Blog and questions too!


Another good set of ideas called The Great Indoors is on the scouts website ,

Here you'll find lots of different activities from Science to crafts! If some of them are a bit too old for you, maybe a big brother or sister could help, or mum and dad!


I've had a bit of fun too on a website where you can do kids crosswords and our favourite, a word search!


Have another lovely, sunny day!





Good morning year 2 it's Mrs Kerins here.

Just checking in and making sure you are all okay? I'm missing you all and so is Bumble Bear. We've been looking after each other telling jokes and trying to keep fit with Joe Wicks' PE lessons every day. The other day I managed to get some photos of Bumble taking part. Later on I sat down for a cup of tea and Bumble stole my biscuits he must have worked up a good appetite.

Where I live people are putting rainbows in their windows so when people go out for a walk they can count how many they see. I went for a walk yesterday and saw ten rainbows and that was just on one road. Another nice thing people are doing is placing bears in their windows so people can go on a bear hunt when they are out exercising. Bumble is of course taking part and looking out of my window waving at all the passersby. 

Earlier in the week I received a lovely letter from Sophia I loved it and it made me smile so thank you Sophia. This got me thinking if you would like to email me you can. I would love to hear all your news about what you've been up to and how you're getting on with all your home learning. My email address is I look forward to hearing all your news.

Sending you hugs and squeezes from Mrs Kerins and Bumble Bear.

Just had a peep at Twinkl and the day's schooling looks great if you're looking for a bit of a structure. You children are all used to the worksheets, so maybe have a go at explaining to someone how they work!


I'm also investigating the Spanish teaching pack. Do you fancy that as a challenge with me? I learned Spanish a long time ago now, so it'll be a great challenge for me too!

Mrs Sheldon

Bonjour classe deux!


Aujourd'hui, c'est jeudi vingt six mars 2020!


I'm in a French mood today! Do you remember the phrase for 'it's sunny'?  - Il fait du soleil!smiley

Things to do on a sunny day!


Jouez dans le jardin    - play in the garden


Construisez une cabane  - build a den


Dessinez un tableau  -  draw a picture


Demandez si vous pouvez semer des herbes ou des fleurs   - ask if you can plant some herbs or flowers


Reading a book in the sunshine is also fun!

Have you looked on our You tube channel? I'm on there now reading the story of The Snow Queen. It's my first attempt so please excuse any mistakes!

Talking of mistakes, have a go at correcting this piece of writing. Have I missed anything? Could you add any adjectives or adverbs? maybe search for a more powerful verb?


it was just an ordinary day when the dragon walked in to town. he glanced nervously around every corner and finally shuffled towards the tall fountain He could hardly believe his luck a shower all to himself. without a second thought the magnificent beast hurled himself in to the cool clear refreshing water and sighed with delight


How did the three times tables go? What is 4 x 3? Remember our commutativity rule too! (3 x4 =) Like all tables, it is just repeated addition, so use number lines, your hands, 100 squares!


Hope you are all keeping well.

Mrs Sheldon



Hello Year 2,


How did the story starters go yesterday? What could a raccoon do with a custard pie?


Have you been looking on the BBC website ( They are teaching live lessons to primary school children. Perhaps get mummy or daddy to get you to the right page and they can sit back with a cuppa!


Remember to try to do a piece of English and a piece of maths each day, but make it practical if you prefer! The BBC Super movers are great for times tables and if you go onto The Literacy Shed site, you will find short videos like our one about the girl in the clock tower. There's super ideas of what you could do as a piece of writing from that. You could also do some fabulous Art and design, again as we did for the clock tower story!


I am hoping to get a story on to the school  Facebook  page soon too!


In other news, I am doing the couch to 5k challenge! Yep, I've got my running shoes out! Currently I'm closer to the couch than the 5k, but it's a challenge I'm setting myself! Have you set yourself a challenge you wouldn't have done if it weren't for the situation?


Here's a lovely little video to make us realise we are all doing really well.


Till tomorrow!

Mrs Sheldon


Here's the BBC link. Some are for older than year 2 children, but there's a Live 500 words writing lesson!

Hello year 2!


The sun is shining and all the signs of spring are here to help keep us cheerful! Turn everything off. Can you hear those birds chirping? Watch those insects darting happily between flowers! I've just had a magpie land really near my back doors. I thought he was going to come in for a chat!


How about some of these ideas for story starters?


Story Starters


Has that enormous oak..... 

                                            got a door in it?


What's inside I wonder? 


Or maybe try....


Oh no! That raccoon is back.........................

and this time he has a wooden spoon and a custard                        pie


and it looks like he means business!


In the meantime, what Mrs McKenzie in Year 3 doesn't know is that I'm dusting down Alice's old keyboard and I'm seeing if I can teach myself too! Have you set yourself a challenge?


Here's one I could suggest! This week, try to learn your three times tables. Test mum, dad, whoever is around!


Have a sunny day!

smiley Mrs Sheldon



Dear Year 2 children,


Welcome to the first week of our a bit of a strange new way of learning! I hope you've managed to get in to the garden this weekend and explore! Remember how in class we closed our eyes and then opened them to see things that we hadn't noticed before? Thing become 'wallpaper' because they are just always 'there'! You may find there's a plant you haven't noticed before or maybe a piece of wood that looks like a dragon! Use your eyes and your ears and your nose!


Your mummies and daddies will sees a lot of ideas for your home learning on line, via the internet and the school Home Learning pages. But also use this as a chance to learn in ways that bend your minds differently! Take the Lego challenge, create an explorer pack for your bear. Will he go to the North Pole or Africa? What would he need to take with him? Draw a map of your back garden and note the key features. Maybe you have a pond? Perhaps that's a great ocean? What could you name it? Your sand- pit could be an unexplored desert!


Keep up to date with our regular class page. I will be posting on a daily basis. Follow the link to the Youtube channel created by Mr Davidson for stories and other exciting things!


Above all, keep safe.


Mrs Sheldon






Dear Year 2,


Wow! Your costumes were amazing! Lots of imagination! Have you collected your World Book Day book or put the money towards one you would really fancy reading?


We are moving on in maths to tally charts and pictograms next week, so we'll be gathering a lot on information. Don't tell your mummy, but in English we'll be practising for the Mother's Day assembly!


Have a good weekend.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year two,


Its World Book Day tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to seeing you in your costumes! It will be like having a different class! Don't forget your reading sheets to show us how much reading you have been doing!


We are well into our work on fractions. You will be surprised how often fractions come up in everyday life! See if any grown ups say some thing like,

"I'll just have half a cup of tea thank you." Or,

" That was a game of two halves!"


You will have some fraction homework, along with your usual spellings to learn. Please also keep practising you 2s, 5s and 10 times tables! We really need these for fractions too!


Thank you

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 2,

And so another half-term comes to an end! Well done on all your hard work in all subjects. Next term we will start our topic in History on Explorers, so watch this space for exciting things to come!


For half-term, it will be really great if you can keep up the reading on a daily basis and make sure you are learning your 2, 5 and 10 times tables, ready for our new maths topic on fractions!


Have a happy half term!

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year Two,


Thank you for all your hard work in English this week, where our look at the story of the boy and the rocket really 'launched' a lot of fabulous writing!

We will finish our topic on division this week and next week will look at 2D shapes! They are all around us!

Your homework is a sort of revision sheet in maths, looking at topics we have covered and some that you may recall from Year 1. Could it please be returned by the 13th February?


Spellings as ever will be sent out on Friday.


Happy weekend

Mrs Shedlon

Dear Year two,


Another busy week, especially in our topic on division. Ask a grown up if they need any help with sharing or grouping things! Maybe sharing a pizza cut into 6 pieces and three people to share it? What is the division question? (Hint : How many pieces do you have to begin with? How many groups does it need to be divided into?)


Spellings will be coming home on Friday, along with a piece of writing for you do, inspired by a picture. I would like at least four full sentences, with capital letters, full stops, describing words, maybe even an adverb! (a ly word eg quietly).


Have a good weekend

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year two,


Another busy week of work, looking at multiplication and arrays!

Your Homework this week is to have a go at the array sheet. ( I've popped an explanation in for the grown ups in case the don't understand!).

You will also have more spellings to learn for next Friday 31 January 2020.


Next week we start our topic on division.


Your plates of food from Malawi look really great well done!

Happy weekend

Mrs Sheldon

Dear year 2,

I hope your spelling test went ok! Did you feel you'd learned them properly? If not, make sure you really have a good go at your new ones this week! It was our first one, so we'll get into the swing!


This week you have spellings and learning your 5 times table too!


Happy weekend

Mrs Shedlon

Dear Year 2

Sorry I didn't post at the end of last week. My aim is always to update this page for you and your parents, so we all know what we have been up to!


Last week, we started our topic on multiplication. We need to think of it as repeated addition. EG 3 + 3 = 2 X 3 (2 lots of three). Please also note you have your two times table to revise this week. We really need you to know this for work in class.


You also got your first set of spellings and a Homework book. You will have a test on your spellings every Friday, so please practise as much as you can in your Homework book or on any scrap paper at home.


We continue our English work on The Minpins by Roald Dahl. What could be the secret of The Forest of Sins?


Here's to another busy ( that's a Red word, meaning it has an odd sound in it that may confuse us in its spelling!) Week.

Mrs Sheldon and Mrs Kerinssmiley



Dear Year 2,


We've nearly got all our friends back! I hope all of you who are still poorly are able to join us for the end of term fun!

Next week we will be looking at our 2, 5 and 10 times tables to get ready for our maths topic on multiplication in the Spring term. What other words can you find for multiply?


We will also be looking at the Christmas story as the term draws to a close, thinking about different characters may have felt.

Oh and then there's the panto!


Happy weekend

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 2!!!


WOW!!! I was so impressed with your performances at the play! What a lot of little stars we have! I am so sorry for those of you who missed it. We really missed you!

Let's hope we can all be better as we head for Christmas!

Happy weekend

Mrs Sheldonsmiley

Dear year 2,

The play is next week! Who would believe it was upon us already!


Keep learning those lines and please can all costumes be in for Monday 2nd December, because we will be doing a run through in them! That includes plimsolls as well!

Have a restful weekend and maybe pop to see our part of the Stowe Advent calendar in the Grotto up at Stowe Gardens.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear year 2,


So we had a great rehearsal on Thursday and so many of you know your words so well! Keep on practicing though, remembering to speak up and to face your audience!


We have nearly conquered the ski slope in Maths! We'll carry on with adding two 2 digit numbers, using partitioning to help us. Show someone at home if you can remember!


Please remember to look through your spelling books also. We are looking at the suffix 'ly', making adverbs from adjectives.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 2,

Tis the season! You now have your nativity words on a sheet to learn at home. Please do this as often as possible, so we can rehearse without words at school! I know you can do it! Remember Harvest!


Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for the things you see on the way to school. What animals do you see? What plants? What are the roads like? What is the weather like?


You will be continuing with addition next week, but starting to use a column method. Mums and Dads, if you are unsure, look at the school's calculation policy on the website or just ask!


Thank you and enjoy the Christmas Fayre!

Mrs Sheldon


Dear Year Two


Welcome back after half term. I hope you all had a restful, fun time! (I think I just wrote a noun phrase there!!)


We continue to look at addition, focusing on number bonds to ten and partitioning numbers so we really understand the value of our two digit numbers. Test mum and dad or brothers and sisters!


In English we are looking at planning and re telling a known story! The Bear and the Piano remains our best book!


Have a happy weekend!

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year two,


Well what fantastic dragon's eyes you made today! We really used our doughdisco fingers to create some stunning designs. Next week we will paint them to make them even more effective.


Could you please remember to show your parents your spelling log, which shows which sound we are working on this week. Perhaps you can even tell someone what the spelling rule is?


Next week we start a new book called The Bear and the Piano. It's a lovely story upon which to base our English.


We will continue our work on addition in Maths.


Happy weekend


Mrs Sheldon

Dear year 2,


Well done on the fantastic Harvest Assembly! It was our first big performance and I was so proud of you all.

This week you took home a green book with our spelling sound. I have invited your parents to look for this sound in your reading and make sure you are really confident with the spelling. This week it was the 'or' sound where we spell it 'a' before l or ll. For example, tall, walk. This is a tricky spelling! You can also write the words in your book to practice handwriting.


We will be looking at one more/less next week in Maths, so brush up on your counting skills!

Happy weekend.

Mrs Sheldon

Dear Year 2,


Well we are well in to the term now and all getting to know each other! Hope you are having the fun we promised too!


Our Harvest Festival looms, so if you have some words to learn, please try them on someone at home! The words should also be in every day please!


Keep on reading every night and if you have a spare moment, practice counting in three's!

Thank you

Mrs Sheldon


Welcome to Year Two

Lots to learn with fun along the way!



On this class page you will find weekly updates of our educational adventures and other important information too!

Please ensure you child has their PE kit in every day.

We love to see your comments about how your child has done with their reading too!

See you at the Meet and Greet at 2.30pm on the 10th September!

Mrs Sheldon and Mrs Pedder

Year 2 Timetable 2019/2020