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Hello Everyone!


I hope you are all well and that you are enjoying some extra time at home.  It's important that we all keep in touch as we'll all be missing our friends and the grown ups at school will certainly be missing hearing all your news!


I will upload my news on this page so you can see what I'm up to at home.  Why don't you write to me and let me know what you are doing too?  You can write a letter, a story, send me a picture or keep a diary.  Send it by email to and I will write back to you.  I'll pop the pictures on this page too so all your friends can see them as well.


I'll really look forward to hearing all your news.


With all best wishes,


Mrs Wrigley


St James and St John show their support for all the fantastic people working to keep us safe and well. Thank You.

Mrs Andrews
Mrs James
Mrs Kerins
Harrison & Olivia
Mrs Kerins
Miss Richardson
Beautiful painted pebbles
Mrs McKenzie
Mrs Saunders
Mrs Jolley
Mrs Jolley
Ramona and Oonagh
Rosie and Ted...Wow!

Easter Holiday Activity Pack - Activities and ideas to keep you busy - Warning, This is not homework!

Look at Gwen's amazing rainbow jelly! I'll definitely be trying that over the holidays. Thanks Gwen!

Look at Martha's fantastic pirate parrot! He's brilliant!

Maisie has been busy this week writing to her friends, making Lego models and writing this fabulous Jungle Log! Well done Masie!

Maisie's Jungle Log

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Welcome back to Science Friday. This week...the colour changing rose. Fabulous as always boys!

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Episode two!

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Episode three! Watch out for the special guest appearance!

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Stanley has enjoyed a busy day with Grandpa. What amazing work Stanley and a gold house point for Grandpa too!

What a amazing write up in the local parish news for Maisie. Well done Maisie, you are fabulous!

Stanley's top 5 science experiments! This is just brilliant Stanley, you're going to make a great presenter one day!

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Celeste and Annabelle had a fabulous day at Stowe making flower crowns. Great top too Celeste!

Amber-Lily made this beautiful display from items she collected in her garden. It's just lovely Amber-Lily, well done!

More beautiful work from Martha. Today she has created this fabulous Kandinsky painting. Great work Martha!

Nathan has recommended Joe Wicks' Froggy Coach workout - why not have a go? Thank you for the tip Nathan.

Look at Martha's beautiful rainbow fish - complete with glittery scales. Graet work Martha!

Science Friday with Stanley and Arthur, hooray! This week, Rainbow Rain!

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Rainbow Rain, Part 2

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Theo has been busy playing tennis and making this amazing butterfly feeder. (Instructions to make one can be found on the post for Friday, 26th June!) Well done Theo, fab pictures!

Stanley and his cousin Ellie have been busy planting seeds with their Nana. We'll look forward to seeing how they get on Stanley, well done!

Benjamin and Joshua have been working on an egg drop challenge this week set by Mrs Harper. Lets see how they get on...

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Wow! Ewan has been as creative as ever. Baking and painting this week...

...and a bit of downhill racing too!

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Our Year 6b bubble have been working hard on persuasive writing this week. Their work is based on the text they are studying - Holes by Louis Sachar. Well done 6b, great work!

Look at Olly's fabulous fruity lighthouses!

It's great to see the Year 6's girls enjoying a get together for Leah's birthday. Many happy returns Leah!

Molly was awarded this medal for after completing a 5k Unicorn walk/run, what a fantastic thing to do. Well done Molly!

Well done Owen! What a fabulous achievement and a lovely picture

Science Friday with Stanley and Arthur! This week 'The BFG Dream Potion'. That's a lot of glitter boys!

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Part two...

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Another fabulous engineer in the making! Here is Leo's Lego zip-line. Great job Leo!

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Owen has made this fabulous Lego zip line to carry a picnic hamper. Great engineering Owen!

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Edward has made is own version too. What a great Lego table - hours of fun to be had there!

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Maisie has been so busy walking for charity, riding her bike and crafting. She's even had time to write this fabulous story...

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Meet Phil! A fledgling pigeon hanging out with Addy and Gabe!

Look at this fabulous wanted poster created by Gwen! Amber Quickfire has a liking for diamond broaches and should be tied up with rope if you find her! Well done Gwen!

Stanley and Arthur have been busy with Lego this weekend and look at this beautiful, rare orchid they've found near their home. They also have a few visitors in their garden......


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Maisie has been enjoying reading, researching her seaside project and writing to her pen-pal. Most important of all though....Grandma has found a brand new 'Corny'!

Olly has had another busy week at home. It looks as though he's set for the the stage in the future!

Molly had the great idea to send a video to her family and friends to find out their favourite ice cream flavour so she could make her graph. Well done Molly!

Olivia has been working so, so hard on her Seaside Topic work. Look at all these fabulous pieces. Well done Olivia!

Mayne has created this fantastic land and has even had time to practice moving like a seal! It's been a busy week Mayne!

Mayne has sent in this fantastic video of the land he's created. Great work Mayne!

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Ewan has been busy creating this week. He's made a brilliant Nintendo Switch holder, played Lockdown Lego Hunt with a friend and made 6 games of Tic-Tac-Toe to deliver to his friends. Great work Ewan!

Hooray, its science Wednesday with Stanley and Arthur. This week, the breathless balloon!

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Part 2 - watch out Mum!

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Gwen has had a great time creating string painting pictures and has been Geocaching too. Well done Gwen and thank you for some great ideas!

Olly has been busy enjoying lots of seaside work this week. Your beach scene is beautiful Olly, well done!

Jack and Ellsie have enjoyed a snuggly week of home schooling! Lots of hard work, some fabulous craft and plenty of games and cuddles! Perfect!

Thomas has made this amazing Celtic roundhouse. Fabulous work Thomas!

This week Stanley and Arthur have conducted the 'Bouncy Egg' experiment! "DO NOT SQUEEZE IT!"

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You bounced it.......!!

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Finlay has worked really hard to earn his Chief Scout Silver Award during lockdown, the top award for Cub Scouts. Well done Finlay, we are all very proud of you!

Molly is enjoying the new 'Seaside' topic. Well done Molly!

Anna has painted some beautiful planets. Well done Anna, they're fabulous!

Ramona and Oonagh enjoyed an early morning walk to watch the sunrise, complete with hot chocolate and biscuits. Ramona has been running a mile every day and has received a special β€˜NHS Exercise Every Day’ medal. What a fantastic achievement. Oonagh is excited to use her new lunch box when she joins us in September.

Elizabeth, a bottle of Coca Cola and some's pretty explosive! Great video Elizabeth!

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Ellsie and Jack had a great time over the half term. Water fights, fishing, baking and haircuts too! You look fab guys!

Ewan has had an action packed half term break. It looks like an amazing week Ewan!

William has made some fab cress heads and sent in some great instructions of how to make them too. We have the shells and seed ready here William!

Elizabeth has had a busy half term hatching beautiful butterflies. Well done Elizabeth!

Well done for completing the Ice Cream Sundae challenge Stanley, great work! I think that deserves a real one Mummy and Daddy!!!

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Wow Maisie, what a fabulous tale and beautifully read too. Well done!

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Edward and Owen have made fabulous 'Looking Forward To' jars and brilliant aliens. Great work boys!

What beautiful pictures of Harry with the horses!

Molly has been having lots of fun working at home this week. She's been crafting, measuring, adding, colouring and even taking a dip in the river! Well done Molly!

Olly has made some fabulous salt dough aliens too. Well done Olly, they're amazing!

It's was science Wednesday for Stanley and Arthur. This week the Oobleck Experiment - Part 1. I love science Wednesday!!

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The Oobleck Experiment - Part 2.

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A little 'Thank You' to Mr Davidson on 'National Thank a Teacher Day'. Well done boys!

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You don't see that every day! Great work on the farm Harry!

Ellsie and Jack have had a week full of kindness. They've made a kindness cake for their family and a lovely Happy Birthday sign for Mrs P!

Look at Annabelle's beautiful work. I especially love the seasonal trees...made even better with a sprinkle of glitter! Lovely work Annabelle!

That looks like a pretty perfect afternoon in the sunshine Harry. Have fun!!

Stanley and Arthur have been busy working at home today. I love your Froggy tale Arthur!

Look at the beautiful blossom Gwen has printed. It's amazing Gwen, well done!

Maisie has been having lots of fun at home. She enjoyed celebrating her little sister's birthday, has been working hard with number ordering and has made the lounge into a fab bouncy castle!

This looks like a wonderful water slide!!

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Look at these amazing grass animals. Why not try making one yourself?!

A fabulous joke from Celeste to start our week with a smile:


What do you call a donkey with 3 legs?






And a beautiful birthday cake for Daddy...delicious Celeste, well done!

  Some fabulous jokes from Annabelle:


What is the hardest thing to tie??  A rain'bow' !  πŸŒˆ
What do you call a fish with no eyes??  A f-shhh !!  πŸŸπŸŸπŸŸ
Why did the chicken cross the road?? Because it wanted to get to the other side! πŸ”

Something tells me that Sophia is enjoying learning from home!

Finlay and Ollie enjoyed the V E Day celebrations in their village. They've also been on an early morning adventure...complete with hot chocolate!

Annabelle has been making friends with beautiful butterflies!


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Sam has been having a great time camping in the garden. Well done Sam...and Mum!!

Tabitha is busy looking fabulous while she's out walking! She's also been making mermaid cupcakes, rainbows and unicorn sun catchers. Sounds like my kind of day Tabitha!

Edward and Owen enjoy a visit to the woods. It looks like great fun boys!

The 'Rocket Scientists' - Episode 1!

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The 'Rocket Scientists' - Episode 2!

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The 'Rocket Scientists' - Episode 3!

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Ellsie and Jack have been busy learning aboout Romans and Space this week. Well done guys, great work!

Wow Olly...what a great 'evil experiment'!! That looks like a lot of fun!

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Olly's sweetie rainbow

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Olly has has a great, space themed time! Chocolate muffins decorated with stars, alien cookies, a shape space rocket, a moon buggy and an exploding experiment! Well done Olly!

Maisie has been busy making a brilliant Roman shield and an ENORMOUS monster!!! Well done Maisie!

A whole weekend of fun for Lydia, Gabe and Addy...and Bonnie in her bow tie! It looks as though you've had a fab time and it's lovely to see you looking so happy! Did the tooth fairy come Addy?!

You are very welcome Annabelle! Great picture!

Molly has been working hard too. Lots of numbers, a long list and a fabulous Moon Buggy - complete with alien! Great work Molly!

Harrison has made a super-cool Lego model. Great work Harrison!

Ceilidh and her familiy made this beautiful display for the V E Day celebrations in their village.

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Wow, Ceilidh has been busy with all sorts of amazing craft. Bracelet making, flocking, mask making, bird hanging, woodworking and colour layering. Amazing work Ceilidh!

You are very welcome Arthur! Thank you for your amazing experiments too!

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You're very welcome Celeste! I love your sign!!

Glad to hear there's no 'drama llama' with you George and I'm missing our Friday sweetie day too. Think of all the chalky lollies we have to catch up on!!

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Our lovely May Queen, Sophia! What a beautiful outfit Sophia.

V E Day Memories - Stanhope interviews Barry.

V E Day Memories - Stanhope interviews his neighbour Barry. This is brilliant! Well done Stanhope!

Stanley and Arthur spark a volcanic eruption at home. Cool....Fizzy Fizz!!

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You are very welcome Starla! XXX

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A little something for Owen in the post this morning!

Elizabeth has been having fun metal detecting, flower spotting and playing bingo. Check out her fabulous blue hair too!

Maisie has been enjoying her daily exercise with her lovely dog and has made a beautiful space picture too! Well done Maisie!

Molly has made a fantastic 'scratch art' space picture. Great work Molly!

These guys have had a very busy weekend! Lydia has been crafting, Addy is knocking up a special something in the workshop and Gabe is tasked with keeping the home in order! Well done! Brilliant Homeschool Crests too!!

Dylan is enjoying his daily exercise! Well done Dylan, have fun!

A beautiful rainbow sweetie experiment for Ramona and Oonagh. It looks great girls, well done!

Celeste has been making some beautiful decorations in preparation for the V E Day celebrations this week. They look lovely Celeste. She also found time to give Daddy's hair a quick trim!

Wow! Another beautiful painting by Ellsie. I love this one too!

Edward and Owen have been busy in the kitchen over the weekend. They have made moon and asteroid cookies and a birthday cookie cake for Daddy too! Well done boys!

Emily and Austin have been busy creating space scenes this afternoon. Well done to you both!

Molly has had an amazing birthday week!! Look at the fabulous cake! Many happy returns Molly!

NIc is having lots of adventures at home. He's made cork boats, stick shapes and dens and even has his own home office. Great to see you having so much fun Nic!

Leo has been busy growing sunflowers. I wonder which one will grow tallest Leo?

Stanley has baked an amazing birthday cake for his Grandad. As for Arthur....well he's just hanging around!!

Delicious gluten free blueberry muffins baked by Jack and Ellsie. They look yummy! Well done guys.

Look at Evie - what a fabulous Roman citizen. Well done Evie!

A glitter tornado in a's as though you invented the perfect sparkly experiment Stanley and Arthur. I LOVE this!! Stay Sparkly!!

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Tabitha has made a fabulous Play-Doh ice cream parlour. Great work Tabitha!

Aliens, stars, planets, rockets and space ships have all been keeping Harrison and Olivia busy this week. I love the space ship flower - perfect!!

Wow Ellsie! What a beautiful piece of art work. You are AMAZING!

Ramona has been very busy this week! She's been playing Jenga, working hard, building a wormery and a boat and catching up with BBC Bitesize. Great work Ramona!

Gwen went for a lovely walk in the woods. She found a rope swing to play on, recorded the sounds of Spring and found these beautiful bluebells. It looks amazing Gwen!

Some fantastic space exploration for Olly! Here he is with his brilliant flying saucer and light projector. Great work Olly!

Maisie has made a fantastic flying saucer and has been enjoying singing the 'Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer' song! Check out the video on our YouTube channel.

Emily and Austin have been enjoying hot drinks and cookies while they work! More amazing rockets, beautiful handwriting and gorgeous Hendrix too!

Ceilidh has been busy at home too. She's been bark rubbing, face painting and even making blue shortbread inspired by Mrs James! Well done Ceilidh!

Evie's fun fact of the day....this will make you giggle!!

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Look at Jack - flying into space in his rocket and riding his bike with no stabilisers. Great work Jack!

Maisie made this amazing light projector. Hasn't it worked brilliantly? Well done Maisie!

Maisie's also been busy training her gorgeous dog!

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Lily-May has been working hard over the weekend. She set up this book stall outside her home and is very kindly donating all the proceeds to school. Thank you Lily-May, that's very, very kind.

Lily-May has raised a fabulous Β£50.01!

Foundation Stage are definately ready for some space adventure. Look at Olly's amazing rocket!

Wow! Stanley and Arthur have made an amazing lava lamp. Very, very cool boys!!

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Bethany has been busy at home. I love the cucumber eye mask Bethany - I think we should all follow your lead!

Another invention from Ewan...this time, a cat treat dispenser!

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Theo has been busy at home. He's been walking his dogs, making dinner, building a Minecraft castle and growing sunflowers, tomatoes and beans. Well done Theo!

Ewan made this amazing spin art gadget! What a great idea. Well done Ewan!

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Wow! Look how busy Annabelle has been! She's been spotting butterflies and Spring flowers, baking yummy cakes, making an AMAZING Easter garden and dressing up as Peter Rabbit too. Brilliant!

Maisie has worked hard to make this beautiful princess!

Nathan and Adam have been so busy! Adam has had his birthday, made a meal, learnt to ride his bike and been to space! Nathan has made shredded paper bricks, tended his allotment and made handmade soap to give to NHS and Key workers. What amazing brothers!

Maisie has been having fun making a mermaid.She's also been having fun baking, training the dogs and watching the school YouTube videos. Mrs Andrews' stories are her favourite!

Wow! Look at Molly's amazing rocket. It's out of this world!!!

Owen is set for space travel too. Great work Owen!

Baxter is hard at work. Well done Baxter, you're doing a great job!

Edward is ready to go with his own home office!

Madison has been keeping busy over the Easter hols!

Madison and Leah have some help playing a game of noughts and crosses!

Ted is dressed and ready for a day of home learning!! Well done Ted!

Gwen takes on Joe Wicks...this time dressed as a dalmation. Phew, that must have been hard work!

Maisie has done a wonderful job training Pippa!

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A special 'thank you' from Harvey's mummy!

Still image for this video

Starla is the Hula-Hula Queen!

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Tabitha has been having lots of fun with her Easter craft!

Gwen has designed a crest for her home school, been busy with a home decorating project, has been helping with the housework and has even joined in with Joe Wicks...dressed as a vet!

Theo has been very busy learning at home. He's been working on fractions, decimals and story writing. He's been studying the water cycle and learning about Hindu Gods too. Here he is with his puppy...and his Dad too!

EsmΓ© has been having a fabulous time at home. Look at her amazing rainbow made from handprints!

Ramona is busy writing a space story and Oonagh is practising counting. Well done girls!

Harrson and Olivia are enjoying Mrs Andrews' latest story. 'The book with no pictures'

It was an early start for Stanley and Arthur - Dough Disco in the garden!

Toby plays a beautiful piece on the piano

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Addy and her family have tragically run out of Wotsits! Here are two new challenges - the mini cheddar stack and the bread stick walrus! Why not have a go?!

Look at Emily's beautiful Rainbow Tree

Ramona has been busy at work , playing games and dressing up poor old Eric!

Nic and his Mummy have been on an amazing scaverger hunt. Check ot their pictures.

Lydia has been working hard on some fantastic graffiti homweork, Gabe is enjoying his new book...and Addy is timing how long it takes a Wotsit to dissolve. I know which one I'd like to do!

Look at Olivia's AMAZING drawing. I love it! Mrs Chapman's baby is there too!

Sam's been busy making a pizza!

Molly has been working very hard and having lots of fun too. Great work Molly!

Celeste has been busy making a nest....and filling it with chocolate eggs! Yum!

Edward has found a great way to keep up with the Daily Mile!

Stanley has completed the Year 4 Tower Challenge. Great work Stanley!

Evan and Zac are working hard on maths and times tables. They've been making chocolate chip muffins too!

Nathan and Adam have held their own celebration assembly, spoken to Grandpa on Skype and even had a bedtime story from Mrs Andrews!

Sophia has been working hard on her maths. Well done Sophia!

Owen has had a busy morning crafting. He's enjoyed Mrs Andrews' story too!

For Mrs Clarke - Finn took pictures of signs of Spring in our garden this morning. Love From Mrs Wrigley xx

Finlay & Ollie have been making bread rolls...and then enjoying them as part of their picnic in the garden. Delicious!

Arthur and Stanley have an outdoor science lesson with Daddy! BANG!!!!!!!!

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Look at Evie's AMAZING Gecko! I love it! (And I was a little bit frightened to open the email in case it was real!!!)

Arthur is walking Walter and Monty and enjoying the sunshine in the quiet fields

Addy is enjoying the sunshine while she rides her bike in the garden!

Lily-May is getting scientific with circuits....and ears!

Joe made play dough using flour,salt,oil,water and food colouring. He had to keep adding more colouring until it was the right colour!

Harrison and Olivia have made an amazing Life-Cycle of a Butterfly!

Mrs Mck says "What a lovely, creative idea!"

Sophia is hard at work at home...and Mummy is too!

Katie-Jane and Angus have found some frogspawn too!

Mrs Mck says "Wow! Lots of fabulous frogs!"

Celeste is all set to write her daily diary. I love the pen Celeste! πŸ’–

Check out George's Roooaaaarrsome Dragon!

No one said it had to be exactly like school...! Sam's working hard on TT Rockstars this morning!

Emily heads off to do the shopping....on a pony?!?!

Gwen's Lunchtime Recipe!

Leftover Potato Delight


Serves 2



Leftover roast potatoes 

1 red pepper

About 10-12 Small/cherry tomatoes

2 spring onions

2 large eggs

hot chilli sauce (if you dare!)




1. Firstly get a large pan, put  it on the hob and add a tablespoon of oil.  

2. Finely chop up the red pepper and put in pan to start cooking.

3. Cut the tomatoes in half then cut the potatoes into bite size chunks. Then slice the onions thinly (get a parent to do it for you because it's DANGEROUS!). Then put these ingredients in the pan and mix well until cooked.

4.Make space in each side and crack the eggs in. Season to taste, the salt and pepper will make  the flavour come out. Serve!



Add chilli sauce to give it a kick!

Forest School continues for Sam!

Meet Mabel - Sylvie's new puppy!