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Week beginning 8th June

Thursday 11th June

Hello Foundation Stage

I hope you had a lovely Wednesday, did you enjoy exploring items that float and sink? 
Have you been playing any board games with your family? Our game of Monopoly is still going and is very close, I think it will last a few days yet! Today Maisie and I are planning on an early dog walk while it’s dry before completing lots of school work for us both! 
Have a fantastic funky Friday tomorrow and a super weekend once it arrives! 
Lots of love

Mrs Chapman xx 


Wednesday 10th June

Good morning, 

I hope you are all well, what a change in the weather today! A day for craft, board games and maybe a movie I think!

Yesterday, after school work, Maisie and I visited my sister and nieces in their garden at a social distance, it was so lovely to see them as we’ve missed them lots! Have you managed to meet with any family or friends yet? 

I hope you have a great day.

Lots of love Mrs Chapman xx 


Tuesday 9th June

Hello Foundation Stage

I hope you had a great Monday. Thank you to Owen for his lovely email showing me lots of things he has been doing related to our seaside topic. I loved your boats! There are some fantastic photos on Wrigley writes of Olly, Jack and Molly! You’ve all been working so hard! Well done. I loved your seaside scenes, you’re all amazing and just look at your big smiles! 
Yesterday Maisie and I completed school work before lunch and then a long dog walk. Maisie then had her zoom piano, ballet and tap lessons before dinner. We even managed to fit in a family game of monopoly! It’s looking very close! 
Have a super Tuesday everyone!

Love Mrs Chapman xx 


Monday 8th June

Good morning all,

I hope you are well and enjoyed the weekend. What a change in the weather! Our gardens definitely needs all the water though. Over the weekend I was busy doing school work as well as dodging the rain with Maisie trying to get in some long walks! We went up in the loft for baby toys and books and the nursery is coming along! The cot should be delivered this week which is exciting.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy the activities set for the day.

Lots of love

Mrs Chapman xx