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Week beginning 6th April

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Wishing Foundation Stage and their families a very happy Easter!

Enjoy time with your family and plenty of chocolate!

Lots of love Mrs Chapman, Mrs Andrews and Miss Richardson x x x 


Thursday 9th April

Morning Foundation Stage

I hope you are getting excited for Easter! Have you made any Easter craft or perhaps decorated an Easter tree? I loved seeing the photos of Esmé and Grace baking, making Easter bunny baskets and painting a hand print rainbow- what fun girls and well done! Maisie and I are looking forward to a fun weekend and lots of chocolate!

Yesterday we enjoyed the lovely weather again and planted some seeds straight in to the raised beds, we planted carrots and parsnips, two of our favourite vegetables when we have a delicious Sunday roast!

I hope you have a wonderful day in the sunshine!

Love Mrs Chapman x 

Wednesday 8th April

Morning all,

I hope you're all having lots of fun and being good for your grown ups at home. We enjoyed another sunny day in the garden yesterday, it was such a warm day! All the garden toys came out again and we enjoyed lunch and dinner on the patio. Maisie has been busy making Easter cards for family and written letters to some friends too to find out how they are and she is hoping they will write back. We posted them on our daily walk. 

Some of our seeds that we planted about 10 days ago have started to grow and we will keep you updated! Today we plan to plant some of the seeds that can go straight in to the raised beds!

Have a fun day in the sun!

Love Mrs Chapman x 



Tuesday 7th April

Good morning Foundation Stage

What a lovely sunny one again! I am loving the warmer weather and being able to play outside with Maisie. We've had all the outdoor toys out- skittles, netball, badminton, hula hoop and many more as well as Maisie spending most of her time on her swing and upside down on her play equipment!Do you like baking? Have you tried the simple recipe in your learning packs or Mrs James shortbread recipe? We tried Mrs James shortbread re

cipe, she has put a video on 'Youtube'- it's really easy to follow and has only 3 ingredients that I'm sure you will have at home! They were simply delicious and we have put the remaining dough back in the fridge so we can bake more in a few days time, I don't think it will be there long though! 

Have a great day!

Love Mrs Chapman xx



Monday 6th April

Morning all,

I hope you enjoyed the glorious sunshine we had over the weekend at home and in your gardens. It made us all smile in our house and kept us busy in the garden! We have been weeding the flower beds as all the plants are springing in to life, cleaning our patio and generally pottering and playing in the garden together. Maisie has been teaching our dog Pippa an agility course, she can weave in and out of the poles, jump over a low pole and go through the tunnel. Maisie has been very patient with Pippa and Pippa has enjoyed plenty of treats!

Enjoy the first day of the Easter holidays and speak to you on here tomorrow.

Love Mrs Chapman xx