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Week beginning 4th May

Thursday 7th May

Good morning everyone, 

I hope you are all well and having lots of fun in the sun again! I spent a lot of my day yesterday in the garden doing gardening jobs and then just enjoying the warmth with a cup of tea and some number puzzles. We enjoyed a walk with Pippa and I completed some planning for next week so we can enjoy the long bank holiday weekend together at home. 
Have you took a look at the VE Day activities on the ‘classes’ page of our website, just below ‘Wrigley Writes’. There are some super activities to have a go at.

I received an email from Harrison yesterday who had done some amazing space writing using his senses, I loved his ideas and seeing how neat his writing has become too! Well done for working so hard! He has also been completing lots of jigsaw puzzles showing countries from around the world, he’s working on one of Australia at the moment and doing a fabulous job! 
I hope you all have a super bank holiday weekend, I hope you enjoy the extra day together doing what you love most as a family.

Take care and lots of love Mrs Chapman xxx

Wednesday 6th May

Hi Foundation Stage

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine again this week, it makes everything seem a little bit brighter! 
I am loving all the space pictures this week- well done Maisie and Molly I loved seeing yours yesterday! 🪐🌏💫
I was busy yesterday catching up on house jobs, enjoying a nice dog walk and then some afternoon sun in the garden 🌞

I hope you have a fun filled Wednesday.

Take care,

Love Mrs Chapman xx



Tuesday 5th May

Hello Foundation Stage,

What a lovely sunny morning! It looks like the nice weather is back for a while smiley

I received some lovely emails again yesterday and saw some great photos on ‘Wrigley Writes’ of our foundation stage friends doing some super home learning! Owen has been busy making moon and asteroid cookies, they looked delicious! Austin was working hard, even on his birthday, making an amazing space themed picture. Molly made a super space picture too- well done! 
Mrs Andrews, Miss Richardson and I enjoyed a catch up last night over a video call and we are all so very proud of you all and your hard work learning at home and the wonderful photos and emails we see make us smile a lot smiley

I spent most of yesterday doing school work and a dog walk with Pippa before enjoying the sunshine in the afternoon in the garden.

Have a super Tuesday!

Lots of love Mrs Chapman xxx 

P.S. You may like to take a look at the VE resources ahead of Friday that Mrs Clarke (as History coordinator) has been working hard on, there are some great ideas for all ages. Thank you Mrs Clarke! Xx 

Monday 4th May

Good morning Foundation Stage

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. A big happy 5th birthday to Austin today- I hope you have a wonderful day xx 

 It was so lovely to receive emails from so many of you last week and see so many fantastic pictures of you being busy at home and completing the activities set and so much more! Jack’s blueberry muffins looked delicious and well done on learning to ride your bike without stabilisers- how clever! Leo’s been busy growing sunflowers and they are looking much taller than mine already- well done! Molly has been busy making a rocket den and reading in it, I loved the playdough planets you made and what a fantastic birthday cake you had!

Over the weekend I was kept busy in the garden re potting our vegetables and sunflowers which seem to be growing well, although I’m going to try asparagus and aubergine again as I only managed one of each! I planted some runner beans this weekend too- we had so many last year that there was often a full basket in  the staff room for my school friends to enjoy!

We were also busy painting our spare room and made a start on the baby’s nursery, it’s an ongoing job for next weekend too and then I need to buy a cot and chest of drawers. It’s all very exciting. 
The sun looks like it’s back to join us today so enjoy some time outside.

Love Mrs Chapman xx