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Week beginning 20th April


Thursday 23rd April

Good morning to you all,

I hope you enjoyed finding out about rockets and space shuttles! I’m loving the ones you’ve made at home! Molly has made a super pink rocket with lots of windows and fabulous flames! I hope Adam had a wonderful birthday and I love your astronaut suit! Well done Baxter for all your hard work practising your numbers too.

Yesterday Maisie and I both did our school work this morning with a little break mid morning for a snack and to enjoy the sunshine. Then we made a princess together, well I just held it still while Maisie was sewing and sticking and making lovely hair and clothes for the doll. She was very pleased with her finished princess. In the afternoon I enjoyed catching up with some of my friends who I went to school with when I was a child and I got to see my best friend’s baby who is six weeks old! I’ve seen lots of pictures and messages but it was so nice to see them on the laptop screen and chat. Then Maisie and I enjoyed a dog walk in the sunshine! 

We are looking forward to the weekend, have a lovely weekend when it arrives!

Lots of love 

Mrs Chapman xx




Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. Maisie, Pippa and I enjoyed a walk in the woods near us. It is looking so beautiful at the moment with all the bluebells! It was a very pretty walk in the sunshine.

I have seen some amazing photos of the rockets some of you have made, Owen made a super rocket following instructions. Austin made a rocket named ‘Awesome’ and it really was! Martha made a rocket big enough for her and her cuddly toys to fit in and remembered snacks and a drink complete with a cup holder!! Well done everyone for your excellent effort and imagination! 
Enjoy your activities for the day and make sure you make time to enjoy the lovely weather too.

Love Mrs Chapman xx 


Tuesday 21st April

Good morning all,

I’m missing seeing your smiling faces but hope you had lots of fun yesterday making rocket ships! You can always send a photo to Mrs Wrigley as I would love to see them. Maisie and I were busy in the morning completing our school work and then enjoyed playing in the sunshine and oiling our garden furniture in the afternoon. Maisie enjoyed seeing her friends on zoom at her ballet and tap lesson, she just loves to dance!

Another sunny day for us all to enjoy again today!

Have fun and take care, lots of love

Mrs Chapman xx 

Monday 20th April

Hello Foundation Stage

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. I hope you had a super time with family and enjoyed the lovely weather we continue to be spoilt with!

On Saturday we enjoyed baking some fruit flapjacks, played a game of monopoly and watched a film due to the rain. On Sunday we had a yummy roast dinner and enjoyed a walk with Pippa our dog, we are doing lots of jobs around the house too! We have decided to decorate our spare room and then the new baby’s nursery will be next!

Our new topic this half term is ‘Space’, it will be lots of fun!

I have set some activities for you to do over the course of the week. Remember what we have learnt at school when we read, write and work with numbers- show your parents how super you are!

Have fun and keep safe.

Love Mrs Chapman xx