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Week beginning 18th May

This week is mental health week and the theme this year is kindness.  It is such different and unusual times at the moment for us all and so a perfect time to think about kindness. Below is a link to some ideas of things you might like to do to make someone you love smile and to add a little sunshine to their day! 
There is also a lovely activity, ‘Things to look forward to jar’, that you may like to do with your family. 
Whatever you choose to do this week make sure you are extra kind and show those around you how much you love them 💕 xx 

Thursday 21st May

Hi Foundation Stage

What scotching weather we had yesterday, I bet there was plenty of water play and fun in your gardens! We had a great time! 
Have you completed any acts of kindness this week? Well done to a Jack and his big sister Ellsie for making lots of cakes and packaging them up with a letter to make their family and friends smile 😊 Such a lovely idea! 
It was great to see all the fun Maisie has been having at home too, celebrating her sister’s birthday, making a bouncy castle in her lounge and your water slide looks amazing!! 
Did anyone try out Miss Richardson’s salt dough aliens!? Mrs Wrigley and her three boys did, their aliens look fab!! Please and yours in for us to see xx

Have a lovely day, enjoy the weekend when it gets here and half term next week!

Lots of love Mrs Chapman xx   

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Foundation Stage

What a warm one already! It's going to be super sunny and hot today! 

Yesterday I managed to take a walk with Pippa and my mum in the woods, it was very special as I haven't been able to see her other than from a distance, through the window or down the drive for a very long time! It was just the two of us and we didn't stop talking and catching up! I felt like I was smiling all afternoon after seeing her smiley

Our vegetables we planted have really grown again with all the lovely sunshine so we are planning to put them in our raised beds this evening when it cools down!

I hope you have a wonderful day in the sunshine.

Lots of love Mrs Chapman xxx


Tuesday 19th May

Hello Foundation Stage,

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the lovely sunshine yesterday! I was busy doing school work in the morning, a dog walk with Pippa and then I sat in the garden and enjoyed the sunshine with a book. We finished our day with a yummy barbecue dinner!

It looks set to be another glorious day so make sure you enjoy some time outdoors. 

Remember to be kind to those in your family, did you complete any of the kindness activities yesterday?

Have a super day!

Lots of love Mrs Chapman xxx 


Monday 18th May

Good morning all,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you are all safe and well. It looks like we are going to be spoilt with some lovely sunny weather again this week so make sure you find time to enjoy the outdoors!

Over the weekend I enjoyed walks with Pippa and plenty of gardening! Many of the seeds Maisie and I planted 7 weeks ago are looking great and almost ready to put in to our vegetable beds, I’m hoping the cold nights will not be back! 
This week is our last week on our space topic and there are lots of fun activities for you to try. It is also ‘Kindness’ week and there are lots of ideas attached to the top of this page that you might like to do for your family and friends to show them you care. Remember to keep sending us your emails and photos as we love receiving them and they always make me smile.

Have a great Monday!

Lots of love Mrs Chapman xxx