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Week beginning 13th April

Hedgehog House

Hedgehog House 1
Hedgehog House 2
Hedgehog House 3 Can you spot it? It's quite well camouflaged...


Friday 17th April

Good morning everyone; Happy Friday!


Where has the week gone?   I don't know about you guys, but I am finding it hard to know what day it is!   But I know it's the 17th today, as it's my mum's birthday, Mrs Sheldon's birthday and Albert's friend's birthday!   It's  going to be a little strange, not spending the day, as planned, with Albert's Nanny, but the magic of Facetime will come into play, again!


This week, Albert and I have been busy in the garden - he's picking up the game of badminton really well and becoming a bit of a demon with the shuttlecock!


We've had the guinea pigs out lots, created 'thank you' cards for all our Easter goodies and made this fantastic hedgehog house!   We have a family of hedgehogs in our garden, discovered end of last year, before they hibernated.   Now they have come out, Mr Andrews and I like nothing better than sitting out in these lovely evenings, and waiting for the baby one to come and feed.   What can you find out about hedgehogs with an adult?  

  • what's a baby hedgehog called?
  • what do they eat?
  • how many spines have they got on their bodies - average?


Have a wonderful weekend and there is another story from the 'Story Van' ready to go to the website for next week!   Keep looking out for it!

Let's hope this lovely weather continues!

Take care, Mrs Andrews

Thursday 16th April

Good morning

What a bright and sunny one! I hope you're all enjoying the weather we have been spoilt with over the last two weeks and that you're being good for your grown ups and kind to your brothers and sisters.

Maisie and I have spent lots of time in the garden again, we've enjoyed playing with the garden toys and watching our seeds grow. We planted some sunflowers at the weekend and they are already growing! Have you planted anything and enjoying watching it grow?

We also baked one of our favourite loaf cakes yesterday, a cherry loaf! We are looking forward to a slice of it later this morning with a cup of tea or hot chocolate!

I have been busy this week preparing activities for your home learning next week so look out for them on here, I will put them under daily tabs for you to work your way through over the week.

I hope you have a great day.

Love Mrs Chapman xx

Wednesday 15th April


What a bright sunny morning! I hope you had a lovely Tuesday. We had a quiet day and spent time doing some cross stitching and completing Sudokus, two new skills Maisie has learnt in the past few weeks. We enjoyed our walk with Pippa in the village as well as sorting through some baby clothes to send to Maisie's baby cousin but also found some neutral coloured clothes to keep safe for our baby.

What will you get up to today?

Enjoy your day!

Love Mrs Chapman xxx

Tuesday 14th April

Hello Foundation Stage

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family at home keeping safe. It was a slightly different one for us as we are usually with our family as I'm sure yours was a little different too! We face timed family when we completed our egg hunt and enjoyed the glorious sunshine again! We played lots of board games, enjoyed lots of yummy food and chocolate and completed more gardening jobs together. Maisie enjoyed making a butterfly feeder for our garden as we had seen lots on our woodland walks and noticed they had started visiting our garden too. Please see the instructions below as well as a picture of the butterflies you may expect to see in case you would like to make one too. We have seen plenty of Brimstone, Orange tip and Painted Lady butterflies in our garden already! 

As it was a little cooler yesterday we spent it inside baking delicious treats and sorting out one of our bedrooms in readiness for decorating as the baby's nursery! We are all super excited, especially Maisie as she saw some of her baby things coming down from the loft! We still have a little wait until our baby arrives but with all the extra time on our hands we can start getting prepared! 

Have a lovely day and speak to you tomorrow.

Love Mrs Chapman xx

Picture 1
Picture 2