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Week beginning 11th May

Thursday 14th May

Good morning Foundation Stage

Wishing Ava-Mae a very happy birthday today- I hope you have a lovely day!

We had a great Wednesday, lots of home schooling and emails! Maisie is enjoying her English work on trolls this week and finished a Roman shield she has been making. I received lots of lovely emails- well done Molly on all your hard work again this week, such super maths and a wonderful moon buggy. It was lovely to see Olly doing a fizzing science experiment and his cheeky laugh was great to hear- what fun you are having! You also made a super moon buggy and a great rocket using the letters in your name! Jack has been busy creating space pictures of the planets and a rocket with a super countdown! Another amazing moon buggy too- well done Jack! I love receiving your photos and emails as I’m missing all your smiles and hugs! 
This afternoon we enjoyed a walk and a surprise delivery from my sister- a delicious banana loaf! We enjoyed a slice before dinner with a nice hot cup of tea 😊

I hope you have a fabulous Thursday and a fun funky Friday followed by a wonderful weekend.

Take care and lots of love Mrs Chapman xx 


Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Foundation Stage

A lovely bright morning to wake up to! I managed a restful day yesterday with some school work, a dog walk and helping Maisie with her home learning. We had the paints out making a Roman shield! I received a lovely email from Harrison’s mummy showing me his super moon buggy he had made. I also saw a fabulous one made by Austin and another by Martha! Well done everyone!

Maisie and I enjoyed snuggling on the sofa in the afternoon and doing some cross stitch before quite a few games of UNO.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and catch up again tomorrow!

Take care, lots of love Mrs Chapman xx 

Tuesday 12th May

Hi Foundation Stage

I hope you are all well. Yesterday was a a busy day in our house with home schooling, a family birthday so Maisie and I were busily making a cheesecake and birthday cake, lots of house jobs, a windy dog walk and zoom lessons for piano, tap and ballet! 
I’m hoping for a slightly more restful day today! 

I hope you are all being kind to mummy, daddy and your siblings as the days go by and I know you are doing your best with school work.

Take care, lots of love 

Mrs Chapman xx

Monday 11th May

Good morning Foundation Stage

Did you all have a lovely long weekend? Did you celebrate VE Day at all? Have you seen Stanhope’s interview of his neighbour’s memories when he was a child on VE Day, we really enjoyed listening! We coloured some VE Day pictures and then made them in to bunting and put them outside our house as well as other bunting and a flag. Our village had a toast on the street at 7pm where we all met outside our houses, socially distanced, and the farmer and his wife in our village had decorated their tractor in bunting and dressed up in clothes from the war time era. We all enjoyed cheering and toasting a drink to all those brave soldiers who fought 75 years ago. 
Also this weekend we enjoyed plenty of baking, we made a Victoria sponge cake and some rock buns too. We helped with plenty of jobs in the garden and made up storage units for books and toys for the newly painted nursery! It was so nice to get so many jobs done but we also enjoyed a film, some sweet treats and a snuggle on Sunday afternoon when it was cold, windy and rainy! A perfect bank holiday together.

Enjoy your Monday activities as well as plenty of fun too.

Catch up tomorrow, 

Lots of love 

Mrs Chapman xx