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Week 6

Friday 1st May

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday and happy May 1st! It seems crazy that it is May already!

I hope that you have all had a good week and I am so proud of you for all persevering through each day smiley The main aim is to make sure that we are all keeping as happy and positive as possible. I spoke to a few of my friends on the phone yesterday and that really brightened up my day. Make sure to keep in touch with people where you can as it will help not only you but them too! People love to hear what you have been up to!

I'm looking forward to reading your diaries - which reminds me, I must update mine! It will be a fabulous 1st hand account to look back on in years to come. Maybe write down your favourite memory so far or what you will remember when looking back at this time.

Happy weekend and speak to you on Monday.

Mrs Harper

Thursday 30th April

Hi everyone!

I'm sure you will all join me today in wishing Captain Tom Moore a very happy 100th birthday! What an inspirational man he is! After initially setting out to raise £1000 for the NHS, the amount raised is now nearing £30 million! Not only has he raised this tremendous sum (and counting), but he has become the oldest person, and first centenarian, to achieve a number one single - sung with Michael Ball! What an achievement. In celebration of his 100 years, I believe there will be an RAF flypast for him over his house, so maybe keep a look out they might fly this way! He has also become the first Honorary Colonel, as approved by the Queen, in honour of his achievements and to celebrate his 100th year.

I think we can all learn something from this inspirational man! I heard him on the radio last week and he said that during these times we have to remember all of the positive events that are happening all over the world. Very true!

Have a great day.

Mrs Harper

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hi everyone!

Happy Wednesday - halfway through the week already!

My garden is absolutely blooming into life after the rain we had yesterday. My roses are now starting to open and I can't wait to see them all come out. I wonder what you've all noticed changing in your gardens or on your daily walks.

I hope that you all have a great day and well done for staying home and staying safe.

Mrs Harper

Tuesday 28th April 2020 

Hi everyone!

I hope that you all had a good Monday and are ready for day 2 of home learning this week. 

You may have noticed that there's a new 'Street Child' icon on our main page. I have collected all of the videos of me reading the book for you there so that they can be easily accessed! Check out the new video of chapters 9 and 10 -I hope that you enjoy it! It's due to be a bit dreary and chilly today so why not snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy listening to the story?

Fabulous pictures Ceilidh - they made me smile but I'm a bit sad I missed out on tasting your shortbread. Also, Ted and Rosie your rainbow cake is awesome and looks so tasty!! I would have liked a try of that too!!

Keep smiling and I'll speak to you all tomorrow.

Take care.

Mrs Harper


Monday 27th April 2020

Hi everyone!

Happy Monday - I hope that you all had a good weekend. We've been busy (again) in the garden and I even helped Mr Harper with some DIY!

I'm sorry my Street Child video hasn't uploaded yet - technology is not always on our side is it?! Hopefully, I will get it uploaded today, ready for you all to enjoy - with more installments to follow this week. I do hope you've been enjoying it as much as I have!

I can't believe that we are almost in May and fast approaching 2 months since I have taught you all in the classroom. You're all doing a great job and I'm looking forward to reading through your diaries...I must catch up with mine as this is definitely and event in our history not to be forgotten!

Remember, all I want you to do is to work to the best of your capabilities at this time and more importantly make sure that you are looking after yourselves and your families! As long as you are doing as much as you can do then I can't ask for any more!

Speak to you all again (on here) tomorrow and remember to send in any pictures or messages to the office if you want to so that I can see what you've been up to!

Mrs Harper