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Week 14

Friday 26th June

Hi everyone!

I can't believe that it's the end of the week again, and that we only have three weeks left of school! I know that it can be a challenge sometimes working from home, as it's not the same as being in our lovely classroom working together, but keep it up! I hope that you've all been keeping up with your diaries, because this will be a moment in history we can all look back on!

I hope that you all have a great weekend - I'm hoping to get some gardening done!

Speak to you all on Monday.

Mrs Harper


Thursday 25th June

Hi everyone!

Happy Thursday!

I hope that you all managed to get some sleep last night! It was a little bit warm wasn't it...the thermostat in our house said that it was 25.5°C in our hallway, so I dread to think how warm it was upstairs! It was still 23°C outside when I went to bed! 

It's set to be the hottest day so far today so please make sure you're taking care in the heat...lots of water and staying safe if you're out in the sunshine! I would think lots of cooling off will be happening in paddling pools for those who have one...I wish I did!

I'm sorry I've not got the Street Child videos up for you - it's on my list to do today, so keep an eye out for two installments!

I hope that you all have a great day, keep up the good work, and I'll speak to you again tomorrow!

Mrs Harper

Wednesday 24th June

Hi everyone!

Wow! What a scorcher it was yesterday! Instead of my usual set up in the garden on a sunny day, I had to stay inside with the air conditioning on to keep cool! Elly was enjoying it too. Rigby (my cat) decided that all sorts of strange places in the garden were the best to take a rest...what do you think? Have a look at the pictures below!

It looks like it's going to be hot again today, so make sure that you take care if you're outside - even if you think you're not going to be out there for long!

I hope that you all have a good day, and I will speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs Harper.


Tuesday 23rd June

Hi everyone!

I hope that you all had a good day yesterday!

It was such a beautiful day, we went for a lovely stroll in the evening once it had cooled off a little. Mr Harper also decided that it was Elly's turn for a lockdown haircut - I hope that he doesn't tell me it's my turn next wink I've seen some disasters - I wonder if any of you have seen them?! I'll get a picture of her today as she looks super cute.

I had some fantastic videos sent to me of Benjamin and Joshua taking on one of the STEM challenges I set you for this week, although I was a little surprised to see you up on the roof!! Take a look at the "Wrigley Writes" page to see them carrying out the egg drop challenge. Great work boys! I'm glad that Cassie was there to help you sniff out whether the eggs had broken.

It's set to be a scorcher today, so make sure that you take care if you're going out in the sun.

Have a good one and I'll speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs Harper

Monday 22nd June

Hi everyone!

I hope that you all had a great weekend smiley

We were really busy in the garden, chopping lots of things down and generally having a good tidy up. Elly (our dog) had the right idea...just chilling out on the bench (take a look at the picture below). The weather is set to be beautiful this week - possibly a bit scorching - so I'm hoping to have my office set up outside this week. I feel much better working in the fresh air than being inside. Make sure that you've got cream and hats on if you're out in the sun and stay hydrated (lots of cool drinks!).

Year Four had a last minute surge and just overtook you to win the TTRockstars tournament, so Year Six will be battling them this week to try and take the trophy. Well done to all of you who took part this week, and we'll start a new battle next week, with you taking on the winners of this week's battle.

Keep an eye out for some more chapters of Street Child. There will be a double helping as I haven't managed to record any chapters for a couple of weeks.

I hope you have a great day and speak to you again tomorrow!

Mrs Harper