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Week 13

Friday 19th June

Hi everyone!

Well...Year Four did a good job on TTRockstars and are catching you up fast! The battle ends today at 15:15, so let's see if a few more people can join in to finish the battle. Well done to those of you who have been battling away!!

Anna has been doing some fantastic work at home and sent me some beautiful paintings which I thought I would share with you. They are inspired by the Science lifecycles lesson and I'm sure you'll agree what a fab job Anna has done!

Have a great day and weekend and I'll let you know on Monday who has won the TTRockstars battle.

Mrs Harper

Thursday 18th June

Hi eveyone!

Thursday again! I've been so busy working at home this week that I feel like I've blinked and it's nearly the weekend!

I wonder if any of you watched one of the matches that were on TV last night. I saw a bit of one of the games and it seemed so strange without the crowd (but obviously the safest option!). Somehow, Mr Harper added crowd noises to the game and that made it seem much more "normal". Isn't technology brilliant! I've definitely found "lockdown" a bit easier knowing that I can still see my family on video call - I've even loaned my nan my iPad and taught her how to FaceTime at 85! She sent her first message to me today too on it.

I know there will be several of you who can't wait to be able to play your matches again and go and watch your teams, continue with your gymnastics and dance lessons, go climbing and all of the other fantastic hobbies you do in your spare time.

Have a great day and I'll speak to you again tomorrow!

Mrs Harper


Wednesday 17th June

Hi everyone!

Mid-week already - I just feel like these weeks are flying by at the moment! I know you perhaps all don't feel like that but keep going, I'm sure you're all doing a fab job and trying your absolute best. There are only four weeks left of Year Five after this week, so let's make sure we're putting in the effort smiley

The TTRockstars battle is certainly going well against Year Four, be careful though they might catch up with you today!

An apology from me next - I had forgotten to upload your weekly spellings, but they can now be found under the spellings tab.

I wonder if any of you are as excited as my dad and Mr Harper are for the return of football on the TV? I know there are lots of football fans among you so I wouldn't be surprised! Friday's match is Mr Harper's team vs my dad's team and so I'm sure they'll have a lot to talk about!

Have a wicked Wednesday.

Mrs Harper


Tuesday 16th June

Hi everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I hope that you all had a good day yesterday.

I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that I worked in my garden yesterday - it was such a beautiful day.

Well done to those of you who have already been involved in the TTRockstars battle with Year Four - you're doing a good job so far. I did warn them that they'd have a battle on their hands!

Keep up with all of your hard work and I'll speak to you again tomorrow.

Mrs Harper

Monday 15th June

Hi everyone!

I hope that you've all had a fab weekend - wasn't the weather fantastic!

We got lots of gardening done this weekend which was great! We are loving being out there in the sunshine, as are our dog and cat. They get very hot quickly though as they both like to sunbathe but are both black and so can't stand it for too long. Elly (our dog) loves to take refuge from the heat underneath our outside table.

Your weekly work is set out a little bit differently this week. There is one document with all of the activities for the week on, and then three tabs underneath where you will find the resources you need. I hope it all makes sense - it's exactly the same information, just set out a bit differently. I think it's much easier to find the information, so I hope that you all do too!

In addition to this, I've set you a TTRockstars battle against Year Four this week - let's see if they fair any better against you after my defeat last week!!

Hope you all have a good day and I'll speak to you tomorrow!

Mrs Harper

P.S. I forgot to upload the fantastic pictures Anna and Thomas sent me (via their mum) of their D-Day work. They made a brilliant interactive map and a lego model inspired by the information they found out about the D-Day landings. They inlcluded boats, air support, Germans, traps on the beach and Anna even included a mini figure sliced in half!!

Take a look at the pictures below and I will share them again tomorrow, just in case anyone was an early bird and missed them in today's message.