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Week 12- beginning 13th July

Hello Year 1

As it is the last week of term this week is going to be a little different. If we were at school you would be doing lots of fun summer activities so Mrs Harper, Mrs Chapman and I have been working together to try and recreate that for you at home. We have made a grid full of all sorts of different activities; there's cooking, PE, art, craft and lots of things to do outside. You can choose to do whichever activities you like each day, you can do them with your family at home or on your own. Some of the craft and cooking activities you will need a grown up to help you. Any resources you need are under the Summer resources tab below. There are some maths activities related to Time this week, just click on the Maths button below, and there are some English tasks within the grid involving writing and following recipes etc.  I hope you enjoy the activities and please send in your work as I would love to see it! 

Love Mrs Chapman xx