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Week 1

Friday 27th March 2020

Hi everyone,

Well done everyone - today marks the end of the first week of "working from home". I know it's been a little bit different but I hope you've had a fun week and managed to do some creative and practical activities too! My dog has certainly been enjoying herself...see the picture below.

Keep up the good work everyone (parents too). I know we are all trying our best :)

Have a great weekend and I will speak to you again (on here) on Monday!

Mrs Harper


Thursday 26th March 2020

Hi everyone!

Welcome to day 4 of "working from home". I can't believe that it's Thursday already!

It's normally 'Think Outside the Box Thursday' today so why not make one up for members of your family to complete...see who can be the most creative!

Just a couple of things to remind you of today:

1. The spellings sheet can be found underneath the spellings tab where I usually upload your weekly spellings.

2. The White Rose Maths activities are just like the worksheets we do in class so remember that they get progressively more challenging with the types of questions they are asking you as you work through the sheet. You might not always get through all of the questions and that is ok as long as you are trying your absolute best!

The sunshine is really making me feel so positive at the moment and we have been doing some work in the garden today which has been lovely! I hope you've managed to enjoy getting outside to enjoy it too.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Mrs Harper

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hi everyone!

Welcome to day 3 of 'working from home'. I hope you are all doing ok working away in your home classrooms!

I made a discovery today in my very own garden - a big ball of frogspawn in my pond...very exciting! I'll keep you posted as to what's happening with them! Have you checked out Mrs McKenzie's 'Frog Blog'? I think there might have been some exciting developments so go and check it out!

Take care all of you and speak to you (on here) again tomorrow.

Mrs Harper

Tuesday 24th March

Hi everyone!

Welcome to day 2 of home learning. I hope that you had a good day yesterday and managed to complete the work I set for you. It's a bit different doing your school work at home isn't it?! I read that White Rose Maths were experiencing some technical difficulties so I hope that you managed to get on at some point during the day, and that it will be ok for tomorrow's session.

I enjoyed some time out in my garden in the sunshine today. Listening to the birds and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face made me feel really grateful for the beautiful weather. I also enjoyed Mrs McKenzie's first installment on her 'Frog Blog' on the St James and St John YouTube channel - take a look if you get the chance!

Have a great day!

Mrs Harper

Monday 23rd March

Hi everyone!

I hope that you've had a good weekend and perhaps managed to spend some time in your gardens in the beautiful sunshine.

Today marks day 1 of "working from home" for many of you. This will, no doubt, take some time for everyone to get used to, but I am sure that you will all be trying your very best.

Each day I will update the 'Home Learning' section of our class page to guide you to activities to complete. You can find this under the 'Daily Activities' icon.

Remember to check out the new St James and St John YouTube channel too! The content of this will be updated by teachers and you might find us reading stories, setting challenges or showing you activities you can try out at home.

I'll be keeping in touch with you on here for the time being, so make sure that you are being patient with one another and showing that extra bit of kindness.

Mrs Harper