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Weds 17th June

Good Morning everyone smiley


How are you all this morning?  Did you have a lovely day yesterday and did you try the Cosmic Kids Yoga I suggested?  I hope it made you feel lovely and relaxed if you did.


It's a bit of a different day for me today as I am working from the office at Akeley.  It was nice to see some of the school grown ups this morning and even better to see some of the year 1 children through the office window as they walked up the path heart.  I was very sad to leave the boys and Mr Wrigley though - they've just mad me smile by facetiming as we all had our 'break'.


What are you doing to keep yourself busy today?  Are you playing in the garden or are you indoors?  It's pretty warm out there isn't it.   Did you see the message from Mrs Pedder asking you to send in some questions for your new teachers? We've already had a few sent it which is great.  What do you think you'd like to might be something about school - where are you going to sit, what are you going to learn, which books will you read, will you be able to play on the field at lunchtime - or it might be something you want to know about your new teacher - what is their favourite colour, do they have any pets, do they like football...or unicorns?!  You can ask whatever you like, (within reason!), so pop your thinking caps on and ask away.  Perhaps you could even send in a picture for your new teacher or  you could write and introduce yourself if you like. We will make sure that all your questions, picture and letters find their way to your new class teacher.  Its a very exciting time!


Here are a few templates which might give you ideas of what to say.


Have a fantastic day and enjoy asking your questions and introducing yourself.


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart