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Weds 15th April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


Did you have a lovely day yesterday?  Wasn't it chilly?!  Finn and Ben went out to the garden to play table tennis in the morning and soon scuttled back inside shivering!  Finn made it out later in the day when the sun was shining to brush up on his football skills.  He's trying to complete some skills challenges where he has to catch the ball on his neck, do a certain number of keepy uppies and all sorts of things. 


Have you seen the S4A daily challenges on Facebook?  Ask you parents if you can have a look and see if you can complete them.  I'm sure Kieran and Chloe would love to hear how you're getting along with them.


So, we spent the day tidying, sorting and cleaning the playroom and, as anticipated, we were very distracted by lots of old games and toys!  We even stopped to play a few of them.  It was a really lovely day and brought back lots of fun memories too.

Today its more jobs in the garden.  Mr Wrigley and I are going to start painting the garden walls which really need doing so I'll be glad when they're looking better.  I don't think he is as enthusiastic to be honest.  We've also got to fill the bird feeders up as the naughty squirrels have emptied them all frown.


If you have a few spare minutes today, why not try and unscramble these words.  They are all titles of Disney or  Pixar films...let me know how you get on or if you need any clues?


Sooty Try


Lighten Oink


Coco Hi Pin


Cruel She


Stallion Ditch


Snot Mincers


Chalk per Writ


Junk Hole Begot


Recalled in

Good luck and I'll look forward to hearing how you get on.


Have a lovely day, take care and look after your families.


All best wishes,


Mrs Wrigley heart