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Weds 08th July

Good morning everyone smiley


How are you all today?  What a rainy start wasn't it?!  I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday.  How did you get on with your lockdown pictures?  I'm working at home today and am busily working through all the jobs that need to be done before we all finish for the summer holidays.  There has been lots of clearing, sorting and decorating happening at both sites so I think all the school grown ups will be busy putting things back together in the summer holidays. For me, that means painting some more of the office pink amongst other things! 


I thought you might enjoy this picture quiz today.  As always, you just just drop me a line if you need any answers. 


Have a great day.  Stay safe, stay sparkly and stay fabulous!


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart

Can you name this very intelligent gentleman?
Who is this cartoon snowman?
What is this massive copper sculpture called?
What is the name of this queen?
Wow, she's sold 500 million books. Who is she?
Can you name the sport?
What is the name of this fruit?
Which country did this man lead?
What name is given to both this clock and tower?
Name the famous painting?
How many stars are on the flag of the USA?
Do you know the name of this colourful flower?
Who is the figure in this colossal sculpture?
What is the country coloured in red?
What is the name of this tower?
How many wives did this king have and who is he?