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Weds 08th April

Hello everyone smiley


How are you all today?  I can't believe it is Wednesday again already.  The days seem to be zooming past...for me at least!  I think the boys feel as though they are going a little more slowly!


It's another beautiful day out there and the boys and I have just come back in after playing cricket again.   They're pretty good but I'm still a little bit frightened to catch the ball in case I break a nail!  They're good at catching me out too.


We started yesterday morning by playing a game called Scotland Yard.  Have you played it?  You have to try and catch 'Mister X' as he moves around London.  It's good fun and uses a lot of strategical planning.  It's easier if the other players work together to try and out fox Mister X.


As soon as the day warmed up a little we all headed straight out to the garden for lots of games of table tennis and cricket.  Roger was thrilled that we were all outside with him!


We ended the day with more Pokémon card sorting!  It's taking us ages to put them into the right folders but the boys do assure me that it will be worth it!  We're all working hard to get through lots of jobs around the house - it's a good way to keep busy too. 


It sounds as though the teachers have all been very busy at home.  Mrs Chapman has been busy in her garden and says that some of the seeds she and Maisie have planted have already started to grow.  Mrs Kerins has been decorating her home for Easter while Riley has been baking some gingerbread.  I will have to remind him to make some for us when I next see him!  Mrs Dandy sounds as though she is going to be very busy painting the roof of her gazebo, and Mrs Smith sounds as though she hasn't a minute to spare!  She's growing all sorts of beautiful flowers, herbs and edible flowers.  Her garden is going to look, and taste, amazing. 


It's lovely to hear what everyone is doing to keep themselves busy.


Take care everyone and enjoy playing in the sunshine.  We're missing you all lots. 


With very best wishes,


Mrs Wrigley heart