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Thursday 26th March

Good Morning Everyone!


I hope you are all well and that you are still enjoying the sunshine.  


Have you tried doing anything different at home yet?  I'm not much of a gardener at all, (my nails are too long for that), but I've planted a few pots of bright spring flowers for our garden.  They really aren't very good but it's nice for us to have something to look at while we are all here.  I chose lots of bright colours - yellow, purple and pink (that's no surprise is it?!)  smiley and they look very pretty.  I'll take some pictures later to show you.  


We have been working hard again but also taking lots of breaks to enjoy the sunshine.  The boys have been playing on their scooters and playing football in the garden.  I think Ben may have even had a little sleep out there in the sunshine! 


I've been keeping in touch with my friends through WhatsApp, text and Facetime calls.  I know that Mrs Andrews, Miss Richardson and Mrs Woodford have been having a great time making dens in their gardens with their children.  They have decided that they are like Bear Grylls! How are you keeping in touch with your friends? 


After we had all finished working, we took Roger for nice walk along the lanes.  It was lovely and peaceful...until Finn fell off his scooter!  


Take care everyone.  The school grown ups are missing you all very much and we are loving hearing your news.


See you soon,


Mrs Wrigley heart 

Grown not let these images fool you. It is a brief interlude in the squabbling and almost constant attempts to convince us that online gaming should be viewed as a lerning tool!