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Wednesday 22nd April

Wednesday 22nd April

Hello again, Year 3.

Here’s the answer to yesterday’s riddle: A teapot.

Today’s riddle is: What question can you never answer ‘yes’ to?

Answer tomorrow.


English today – remember reading week 1 of The Diary of a Lively Labrador?  Well look back at it and read week 2, the final part of the diary.  You can enjoy reading it to see what the Labrador has been up to.  Then can you find:

3 verbs in the past tense

3 adverbs

3 examples of speech.  Look at the punctuation and remind yourself of the rules for speech punctuation.

Make an entry in your own diary and underline the past tense verbs and try to use at least one adverb.


For maths today, a bit of practical work.  Use a ruler if you have one.  If you haven’t got a ruler and you printed the measuring sheet on Monday, then you could cut out one of the drawn rulers.  Measure 6 objects in your house vey accurately (small ones, if you are using the cut out ruler).  Which was the longest? The shortest?  What is the difference in length between the longest and the shortest?

Can you measure how tall you are?


Extra activity: Art

Ask if you can borrow a tin of something e.g. soup, baked beans etc from the kitchen cupboard.  Can you draw it getting every detail.  A famous artist called Andy Warhol created a picture of lots of cans of soup.  Maybe you could do the same.


Picture 1