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Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April 2020

(This is NOT a joke!)

PE: Start the day by joining Joe Wicks' PE lesson at 9am

Don't worry if you miss the 9am session, it will be saved on the YouTube channel for you to   join in another time.



Complete Week 2 Lesson 3 - Step 8 - on the White Rose Maths home learning page - Understand percentages. The flashback 4 questions are included at the start of each lesson this week.



1. Complete "A Trillion Tropical Leaves" poetry reading comprehension which can be found under the reading activities icon.

2. Look again at the poem. What features of the poem do you notice? What is the theme? Is  there a rhythm or a rhyming pattern? How are the stanzas structured?

3. Challenge: Write your own poem about one of the other famous rivers of the world - linking to our Geography rivers topic.

4. Complete one column of 'Practise Your Spellings' sheet.


Other Activities:

1. Choose one of the practical activities from your Home Learning Pack.

2. Read to a grown up or a sibling - you might choose to call a loved one and share a book with them.

3. TTRockstars 10 games in the garage.

4. Complete your daily diary.