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Wednesday 1st April

PE: Start the day by joining Joe Wicks' PE lesson at 9am



1. Choose one of the Flashback 4 slides to work on a range of maths skills as a warm up.

2. Complete the White Rose Maths lesson for day 3.



1. Complete day 3's lesson reading the Lauren Child version of the Princess and the Pea, there are a few tasks to complete a dialogue activity, create a comic strip and have a go at completing your own writing too.   

2. Look at your spellings for this week and find any antonyms, once you've found them why not try ordering in them like we do in class with our shades of meaning. Which is the most powerful antonym? Can you add these to your vocabulary flashcards if you have made them.


Other Activities: 

1. Choose one of the practical activities from your Home Learning Pack or a weekly challenge.

2. Complete Garage or Studio sessions on TT Rockstars or Maths Factor times tables.

3. Complete your daily diary.

4. Listen to an audio book of your choosing.