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Weds 15th July

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all this morning?  I hope you are all well and that you have a lovely day ahead planned.


The boys and I have been starting to really look forward to the summer holidays and have booked a little cottage in Somerset to go and stay in at the end of the month.  We love to go for long walks there as well as enjoying going crabbing from the harbour walls and treating ourselves to a cake in one of the pretty tea shops.  We go every year for a chunk of the summer holiday and have lots of amazing memories from our times there.  There are lots of pretty rivers to go skimming in or to try and catch tiny fish with our nets.  Oli has been known to fall in once or twice which always gives us a good giggle!  There are beautiful old woodlands which Roger loves running around and very steep moors which the boys always grumble about walking up!  I'm so looking forward to being back there!  This is a picture I took last year along one of our favourite walks.


I know that lots of the grown ups at school are looking forward to spending time with their families over the summer holiday and I'm sure lots of them will be looking forward to getting away for a few days too.  I know that Mrs Andrews is looking forwrad to spending time with Albert - she sent me this to share with you...


Mrs Andrews is already dreaming about having 15 minutes sitting under a tree at her favourite woods, with her little boy, in complete peace and quiet, looking and counting the butterflies she spots.


She has downloaded and printed her sheet already in anticipation!!!!


Why not have a look at the link above and see if you can find some time over the holidays to sit and enjoy counting butterflies.


I'd love to hear about all the things you are looking forward to doing in the summer holidays. You could drop me a line and let me know what they are.


Take care and have a lovely day thinking ahead to the summer break...


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart