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Wednesday 13th May

Hello again, Year 3.  Did you manage to make your Roman shield yesterday?  If so, I hope it turned out well.

Yesterday afternoon I had a long chat with Mrs Pedder and we were discussing lots of plans for school.  You see, even though we’re not all in school at the moment, there are still lots of things we can be sorting out and getting ready for when we are all back.  In fact, last week, Mrs McKenzie, Mrs James and I had a ‘Team Year 3’ WhatsApp video call together to catch up with each other.  It was great fun and lovely to see them. Mrs James had to get up in the middle of it to collect a parcel from the postman!  I hope you’re managing to keep in touch with your friends.


So, Wednesday work is as follows:

English – continue with your pack.  Today we suggest you do the adverb activities on p10-13. (Remember an adverb describes a verb.)

Maths – below is a page of subtraction work, and the answers.

Your extra activity today is some spelling practice in the form of word searches.  There are lots of different ones attached below.  Have a go at one today and you might like to try some of the others later in the week or next week.  All the spellings are useful ones for Years 3 and 4