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Monday 6th April

Monday 6th April

Hello, Year 3.  Mrs Dandy here.  

Well, we've arrived at the holidays in quite an unusual way, haven't we?  I was in school on Friday and it did feel strange to not have you all there in the classroom but, like Mrs McKenzie said to you at the end of last week, we will all be back together soon. 

You might like to know that all the food which you brought in on the last day of school was put into bags and Mr and Mrs Jolley took lots of them around some of the elderly folk in Akeley who aren't able to get out to do their shopping at the moment.  The rest is still in school incase anyone in Chackmore needs a bit of help.  So well done to everyone because there was LOADS of food!

What a sunny day yesterday!  Did you get out into your garden.  I did - for a bit of gardening and a bit of  'chipping' practice for my golf.  I had to be careful not to hit the fence as my neighbour might not have been very pleased! (I think some of you know that my neighbour is...........Mrs Heald!)

Big news - the jigsaw puzzle is finished! Phew!


Picture 1
Year 3, I realise that I didn't give you the answers to the three maths sheets I set for you last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, namely Pictograms, Bar Charts and Tables, so here they are:
I will be back tomorrow.  Take care, everyone.