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Tuesday 28th April

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning, Year 3. 

How did you get on with the alphabetical order yesterday?  Easy-peasy, I expect.  Here is the answer:

Enid Blyton

Roald Dahl

Anne Fine

Shirley Hughes

Judith Kerr   (Two beginning with K.  Did you remember to look at the second letter?)

Dick King-Smith 

C S Lewis

Michael Morpugo

Philip Pullman

J K Rowling

William Shakespeare

I’m sure you got them all.  New challenge for today – can you name something that each one of them has written?

Look below for today’s maths and English.

For maths today, there is a hard, harder and hardest option.  Choose which you think is best for you.  If you start and it’s a bit tricky, go to the slightly easier option. Watch out, the answers are attached!

You can write your addition and subtractions out in the way you know e.g.



    H  T  O                                                                                                               

    4   6  2

 +  2   1  4