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Hello Year 2!

I hope you have had a lovely day. It is very windy this evening but I quite like being all snuggled up listening to the wind outside! 

I have had a nice day we had a zoom staff meeting, it was so lovely to see lots of the other teachers I really miss seeing them all! We are all busy trying to sort everything out for school in September! 


Today you will be carrying on with Lost and Found in English today exploring present and past tense. In Maths you will be looking at weight and mass in grams. If you have some scales at home and want to have a go at practically weighing things and reading the scales that would be wonderful! For Art today you have some outdoor activities so let's hope it doesn't rain! There is an outdoor picture frame activity and a colour scavenger hunt. If the weather is bad you could do the colour hunt indoors! 


I hope you have a wonderful day! 


Love Mrs Barker x