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How are you? It was soooooo lovely to get to see some of you and your Mummies and Daddies yesterday I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about Chackmore!

I hope you had a lovely day and managed to get out in the sunshine it was nice not to need an umbrella! 


Today in Maths you will be carrying on with fractions this time looking at non-unit fractions. That just means the numerator (top number) is more than one. In English you will be doing some more work based on Dogger writing about your most precious toy and giving some advice to someone who has lost their toy. Then you have some Geography I would like you to invent your won country! It could be based on a country you like or completely made up! There is a fact file for you to fill in but feel free to think up your own layout. Most importantly I want to know what makes your country interesting and why would an explorer go there. Are there ancient ruins under the sea? The highest mountain? A spectacular view of the stars? A tropical rainforest full of new special plants? Whatever it is you can decide! 


I hope you have a wonderful day!


Love Mrs Barker x