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Weds 25th March

Hello everybody!


I hope you are all OK and are managing to find lots of things to do to keep yourselves busy.  It's been another beautiful day in the sunshine which I'm sure has helped. The boys have been making the most of the sunshine and have been spending lots of time in the well as working of course!


Have you seen the latest instalment of Mrs Mck's Frog Blog?  We LOVE it!  We all watched it together and were giggling when Jasper stood behind his Mum and held his fingers up as she said "this is episode number two!"  I was also a little side-tracked by the other tiny animals swimming around the tank.  I wonder what they are?  I'll have to ask Mrs McKenzie. 


It's lovely to see Mrs Chapman reading too...and to see Mrs Burgin mopping!


Ben was working hard on his Year 6 homework.  They had to make a paper helicopter so we experimented with dropping it from the window and timing its descent.  We timed it three times and calculated the average time it took to land.  Oli then helped Ben to calculate the speed at which it was travelling.  I tried to video it....and forgot to press the start button. Whoops!


It's been so lovely to hear your news and see your pictures.  Thank you for sending them in.  Please keep them coming.


Look after yourselves and your families.


See you soon,


Mrs Wrigley heart