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Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all this morning?  What a beautiful, sunny day it is today.  I'm in the office at Akeley again this morning and it was lovely to hear some of the children as they came into school this morning.


What did you do yesterday?  Did you design your dream tree house? What did it look like?  I was lucky enough to see lots of the Year 2 families on a Zoom call yesterday afternoon - it was so nice to see everyone looking so happy and well.  I took Roger for a nice walk before tea and it was still lovely and warm.  I think that Oli is planning to enjoy the sunshine in the garden at home today while Ben is doing his best to hide away from it as his hayfever was dreadful this morning.  Finn is still busy with online lessons sad


Why don't you have some fun with water in the garden today?  It's going to be really warm later on so make sure you find some shade and put your sun cream and a hat on.  Here are some ways you could cool off in the garden...


* Make a water slide using bin bags, the hose and some washing up liquid!

* Paint the fence and patio with water and paintbrushes

* Get the paddling pool out and just chill out!

* Go fishing - drop some waterproof toys into the pool and see if you can fish them out using a net

* Sprinkler fun - run through the sprinkler (be careful...I have memories of my sister hurting her foot doing this when we were children!)

* Excavate ice - freeze some small waterproof toys (Lego works well)  in a cup of water and then excavate them.  What can you use to help the ice to melt faster?


Have a great time and remember to stay safe.


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart