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Tuesday 21st April

Tuesday 21st: Very Important!  Year 3 - for the maths I have given you today, please do not do all the sheets.  I only want you to do the first part, questions 1-4. (I couldn't delete the rest from the document!)

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning, Year 3.

Here’s the answer to yesterday’s riddle:  A hole!

Today’s riddle: What begins with T, finishes with T and has “T” in it?

Answer tomorrow.


English – today we are thinking about adverbs which describe how a verb is done.  For example

The car drove slowly along the road. (Slowly is the adverb; it describes HOW the car drives.) 

Remember, adverbs often end in –ly.

Try some on the sheet below.

Maths today is more work on length and today you need to remember that 10mm = 1cm and 100cms = 1m (metre).

So: 1cm = 10mm

      2cm = 20mm  (2 lots of 10mm)

      3cm = 30mm

And: 1m = 100cm

        2m = 200cm (2 lots of 100cm)

        3m = 300cm

Be careful, because the answers are attached to the question sheets.  No peeping!


Extra activity: I think some of you are going to be involved in another Zoom call on Thursday.  Mrs McKenzie has asked if you can prepare something for it.  Can you make 2 signs – one that says WOW and one with a question mark (?) on.  Make them big and bright and colourful.  You will see what they’re for on Thursday!