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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all today?  Enjoying the sunshine again I hope...isn't it beautiful again today. We've all noticed how green the hedges and trees have become over the weeks we've been at home.  Like Mrs Clarke and Mrs Smith, I have been enjoying noticing the sights and sounds of the countryside.  Yesterday while I was out walking Roger, I noticed how much the lambs have grown.  I'll try and catch a photo of them today - they looked very, very cute! I also bumped into to William from Year 2 with his Mummy and sister - it was so lovely to see a smiling face from school and it made me realise how much I'm missing you all.  You will all have grown SO much by the time we see you next...and yes, I know that makes me sound very, very old!!


Ben and I played another board game yesterday, (which he won of course!), but I did manage to beat him at table tennis.  The rest of the day was spent hard at work.  I've been very busy chatting via email to all of the new families who will be joining us in September.  They are all very excited to meet you and I know we'll all work really hard to welcome them to our amazing school.  Can you think of any information I should give them?  Perhaps you'd like to send me a message to pass on to them.  We could make a 'Welcome to your new school' section on the website?  What do you think?  You'll definitely have to help me with that one though! 


I received some great pictures yesterday.  Ted was ready for school in his uniform!!!  Madison was riding her pony and playing noughts and crosses with Leah...and the hamsters and Edward was hard at work at his new home office desk.  Thank you to everyone who as sent in a picture or message so far.  Keep them coming as we all love to know you are safe and happy.


Right, the boys have all arrived downstairs so it must be 'break time' which means the biscuit tin is about to be raided!


I hope you are all well.  Have a lovely day.


With all best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart


Ps, Oli told me about a great challenge on Lego's Instagram page.  You have to make the following models:

A Lion, A Car, A Planet, A Jet Ski, A Parrot, A Frog and A Piano...let me know how you get on!!  xx


PPS, Its the last day of the Year 6 Football Shirt Competition today.  Good Luck!


PPPS, I hear Year 3 are planning a Zoom call.  Have a great time catching up with your friends!