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Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Everyone smiley


I hope you are all safe and well and that you enjoyed your day yesterday.  It was lovely and warm working in the conservatory - too hot by the afternoon so I think I may have to re-locate today!


How did you get on with Mrs Andrews' leaf spirograph?  Did you have a go at making one?  Send in your pictures if you did so I can share them with your friends.


Also, did you see Miss Richardson's AMAZING salt dough aliens laugh?! They are just fabulous and I think the boys and I are going to have a go and making our own later today.


As it's starting to get a little but warmer, Mr Wrigley and the boys have been enjoying some ice cream for their pudding. (Somewhat amazingly, I don't really like ice cream wink!)  Have you had an ice cream yet this year?  We might not be able to get to the seaside to have one but that doesn't mean we cant have one right here at home.


That gave me an idea for an activity for you today.....The Ice Cream Sundae Challenge!


Can you design your very own ice-cream sundae?  You can choose to put it in a glass, a bowl, on a plate or any other container you like.  You might like one flavour of ice-cream, or two, or three or maybe even four.  Would you add cream on top or a cherry or some sprinkles or a chocolate flake?  You could add some jelly and fruit and make an old fashioned KNICKERBOCKER GLORY!




What would you decorate your sundae with?  Would you add a straw or a wafer or an umbrella?


You could draw your ice-cream sundae, paint a picture of it, make one from play-doh or even Lego. Once you've finished, send a picture to me here and I'll pop it onto Wrigley Writes for all your friends to see.


Have a great day and have fun designing your ice-cream sundae!


With all best wishes

Mrs Wrigley heart