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Tuesday 14th July

Good Morning Everyone smiley


I hope you are all safe and well this morning.   Tuesday already and I'm sure we are all starting to look forward to the summer holidays and all the excitement that brings.


How did you get on with the 'Who am I' questions yesterday?  Here are the answers as promised...


  • I once sat next to J K Rowling. I was in Pompeii at the time.  Who am I?  I am Mrs Dandy
  • I once sang with a choir at the Royal Albert Hall.  Who am I? I am Mrs Heald
  • I grew up with some very strange pets!  We had owls, otters, monkeys, llamas, lizards, shire horses, snakes and falcons to name a few.  Who am I?  I am Mrs Wrigley
  • I did three bungee jumps in one day during a visit to New Zealand.  Who am I? I am Miss Richardson
  • I met Jaqueline Wilson in Buckingham.  Who am I?  I am Mrs Sheldon
  • I enjoyed a hot air balloon ride in Kenya and saw the Big 5.  Who am I?  I am Mrs Chapman
  • I can scuba dive and have enjoyed diving in the Barrier Reef.  Who am I?  I am Miss Claridge
  • I went to Cubs....once!  My Mum still hasn't forgiven me.  Who am I?  I am Mr Davidson
  • I have visited Hawaii, where Jurassic Park was filed.  Who am I?  I am Mrs Parsons
  • I flew in a tiny aircraft over the Grand Canyon.  Who am I?  I am Mrs Plummer
  • I shook hands with rugby legend, Martin Johnson.  Who am I?  I am Mrs Clarke
  • I met Princess Diana. Who am I?  I am Mrs James
  • I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Who am I?  I am Mrs Goodyear
  • I met the Spice Girls!  Who am I?  I am Mrs Barker
  • I met George Cloony at the Venice film festival.  Who am I? I am Mrs Kayll
  • I watched Dynamo push a bottle right through a table!  Who am I?  I am Mrs Smith

Did you guess correctly?! 


Why not have a turn yourself?  You could send me an interesting fact about you that your friends might not know.  I could put your fact on Wrigley Writes and ask your friends to guess who you are.  Send your fact in to the usual office address and I'll pop them on the website.


Have a lovely day everyone.


As always, stay safe and stay sparkly!


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart