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Tuesday 14th April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all?  I hope you've had a really lovely Easter weekend and that you've enjoyed the sunshine.  


We've had a great weekend here and have spent our days in the garden, catching up with friends and family, playing games, going for walks and sorting out cupboards.....and of course eating chocolate!


Finn and I took Roger for a lovely walk to Lillingstone at the start of the weekend and saw all these pretty things along the way.

Have you been out for a walk, been cycling or even camped in the back garden?  I don't think I'd be quite brave enough to do that but I think lots of people have been.


On Sunday we all enjoyed getting stuck in to our Easter eggs while we watched a movie in the afternoon.  They were delicious!



Today, the boys and I are going to spend the whole day together in the playroom.  We are meant to be tidying it and sorting out things that they don't need anymore....but we always end up playing games and not getting anything done wink!  We'll see how we get on and I'll keep count of the number of games we get distracted by!


I hope you all have a really lovely day.  Don't forget to let me know what you've been up to and to send in some pictures so I can share them with all your friends. 


Take care and have a fun day.


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart