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Tuesday 14th April

Tuesday 14th April

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a good Easter weekend and didn’t eat too many Easter eggs!  I’m trying to be good and just eat a little bit of Easter egg at a time but it’s SO difficult! What lovely weather we had. Did you get out in the garden. We did at my house. It felt like the summer!  We also did a few short walks, mostly through the fields, although I did see one of you  out on a bike ride with your dad, didn’t I? 🚲.


Mrs McKenzie said that some of you had got together on a Zoom call. How fantastic. Of course she was part of it because of Jasper.  She said it was great to see you and to hear your news and she told me about what some of you have been doing. I loved hearing that! 

Keep fit, stay happy and be good for parents and I’ll be back tomorrow.

Mrs Dandy