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Tuesday 07th July

Good morning everyone smiley


How are you all today?  I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and enjoyed whatever you were doing.  Did you manage to think of any places to visit that I could share with your friends?


It was a very busy day in the office for me - lots of paperwork to sort out.  It's a good job I had the radio to keep me company!


After work I asked the boys what they thought I should put on Wrigley Writes today and Finn came up with this lovely idea..."can you draw one picture which sums up the weeks during 'lockdown' in your home?"  If I were to draw a picture of lockdown in our home it would have to include these things:


* Family

* Board Games

* Walking

* Puzzles

* Online quiz nights

* Decorating

* Working

* Roger!

* Wrigley Writes

* Facetime and Zoom

* Gardening

* Baking

* Reading

* Watching movies and tele

* Online shopping 


I'm sure there is much more that I should include but those are the things that immediately spring to mind.  So, over to you.  Can you send me your pictures of how lockdown has been for you?  You could draw a picture or take a photo of something you have done.  Perhaps you've grown a some vegetables or flowers, made a Lego model, created a new world on Minecraft, taught yourself how to draw or paint better, read a book, won the family quiz....  When you start thinking you will remember all the amazing things you have done over the last few months.  

I can't wait to see your amazing pictures.


Have a fabulous day and stay safe.


With very best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart