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Tuesday 05th May

Good Morning Everyone smiley


What a beautiful morning!  The sun is shining and it's lovely to have all the doors and windows open again and to hear the birds singing.  The boys are all hard at work already and Mr Wrigley is on is first call of the day which gives me a hour or so of peace and quiet - even Roger is having a little nap on the chair. It's lovely and quiet! 


Wow, what a busy day it was yesterday!  I don't know about you but I seem to be working harder at home than I do at school!  I miss seeing you all when you pop into the office to bring a message or come to show me some of your amazing work.  That reminds me, I must order a new batch of smelly stickers so they are ready for when we all return to school! 


I noticed that a lot of the teachers mentioned Star Wars Day yesterday laugh and I wonder how many of them watched one of the films in the evening.  I'm sure Mrs Andrews did as I know they love Star Wars in their home.  Mr Wrigley did suggest that we watch the latest film....he was overruled quite quickly!  He loves Star Wars too and we have lots of memorabilia around the house frown.  


Harrison sent in a fabulous list of Transformers names yesterday which I was so excited to see!  Oli and I both love Transformers and he used to spend hours and hours playing with them when he was younger.  Have you played with any of your old toys while you have been home or have you started playing with some new ones?  Molly made a space rocket den to read a story to her Barbie dolls - that sounded like great fun too!   


Right, time to get on before I get distracted again!


Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe.


With all best wishes

Mrs Wrigley heart