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Hi Year 2

I hope you enjoyed some sunshine wasn't it hot? Maybe a little bit too hot!!

All I could smell all day was sun cream which reminds me of the beach and building sandcastles. I love the beach and even now as a grown up I still like building sandcastles! 


Today you will be writing your story in English, there are instructions on how to make a mini book if you would like to turn your story into a book! In Maths you are going to be finding a quarter of shapes and amounts and then there is a Joe Wicks workout for PE with a video and challenge cards. Don't worry it is only a quick one so you won't get too hot!


Thank you to everyone who has been sending me work, pictures and photos in to look at it really does brighten up my day to see the fabulous things you are getting up to! 


I hope you have a great day try to stay cool! 


Love Mrs Barker x