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Thursday 30th April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all today?  I hope you are having a lovely day and that you are finding lots of things to keep you busy.


You've been sending in some great pictures - Harrison and Olivia have made some great space ships, Tabitha has made an awesome ice-cream parlour and Stanley and Arthur have shared another amazing science experiment.  (I'm just try to load this one!).


Did you see Ellsie's beautiful watercolour painting?  Isn't it brilliant.  I wonder if you've been enjoying drawing, colouring and painting this week.  I know that Mrs Chapman has been busy doing craft with Maisie and I hear from Miss Richardson that Evie has been busy.....collecting snailssurprise!!


We are all keeping busy in the Wrigley house.  The boys are working hard but are making sure they find lots of time to play too.  We haven't been able to get out to the garden as much this week so lots of toys have made an appearance from the playroom! This always suits me as I love to sit and play with them. (The teachers at Akeley will tell you that I often stop on my way through the classroom to play with the children and their toys!)


Mr Wrigley baked a delicious fruit cake yesterday which we all enjoyed at tea time.  It made me wonder if you've been baking at home.  I know that Rosie and Ted made a wonderful rainbow cake.  If you've been baking, why not send a picture in. If not, I found a very simple biscuit recipe online - give it a try!!


Take care everyone and remember to let me know how you get on with your baking!


With all best wishes,

Mrs Wrigley heart