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Weds 29th April

Good Morning Everyone smiley


How are you all today?  I hope you've all had fun watching the video Stay Safe:Pass it On!  We had a lot of fun filming our little segments and chatting about it on our WhatsApp group and Mr Davidson has done a great job of editing it together. There were lots of little bits he had to get rid of where we all looked at the camera at the end and said "eeeerrrr, is that OK?" blush  Anyway, we hope it shows you just how much we are missing you all and that we are thinking about you.  How brilliant would it be if you could organise to make a similar video to share with your family or friends?  You could send one to your grandparents to say hello or to your friend to let them know you are missing them.


Wasn't it a rainy day yesterday? I don't think the rain stopped all day long but it will definitely do all of our gardens good.  I'm sure that Mrs Smith and Mrs Chapman will be happy for the rain to have watered the seeds they've been growing and Mrs Harper has said that her roses are already looking lovely after the downpour.


How have you been keeping busy indoors?  Foundation stage have been busy making lots of flying saucers and light projectors.  They are out of this world! I found this template for a space mobile on the internet, why not have a go at making one?


Ceilidh sent in some lovely pictures of bark and deck rubbings she had done with a wax crayon.  This is something else you could try at home.  You don't need to use bark, you could try making wax rubbings of all sorts of things inside.  This weekend,  Oli showed us that if you put a selection of coins together, you make a picture of a shield! (We didn't know that).  You could try making some coin rubbings.


However you choose to spend your day, stay safe and have fun!


Take care everyone.


With very best wishes


Mrs Wrigley heart